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Chemdawg is one of these old-school genetics with a cool story. Let’s transport ourselves to the Deer Creek Amphitheater in Noblesville, Indiana. The date is 6th or 7th of June, 1991. Two dudes, Joebrand and Pbud, met up with another dude, Chemdog. Joebrand and Pbud were selling some weed by the name of “Dog Bud”, which was grown in Colorado. According to Pbud, it was called Dog Bud because “after consuming the bud, it made you roll over like a dog”. Chemdog bought an ounce for $500, he thought it was quite expensive, although, at the time, he couldn’t foretell the legendary future that was awaiting. The dankness of the herb left Chemdog wanting more. So he contacted Joebrand and Pbud and ordered 2 ounces of Dog Bud to the East Coast, where Chemdog resided. While Chemdog was blazin’ and enjoying the herb, he noticed 13 seeds in one of the bags. Pbud found it strange, because they were looking for seeds in the Dog Bud for a long time, but couldn’t find any. Unfortunately, the original Dog Bud does not exist anymore.

Anyway, Chemdog decided to plant four of the seeds. One became a male, so Chemdog, to his regret, threw it out. He was only 17, foolishness is prevalent at that age. So, three plants came into life: Chemdog aka ‘91 Chemdog, Chemdog A aka Chemdog’s sister and Chemdog B. Allegedly, a guy called “Brett” got the ‘91 Chemdog to California, where it was grown and coined as “Chemdawg”. That is the speculation that Chemdog brought forward during a radio interview.

Let’s immerse ourselves into the Diesel side plot. In ‘93-’94, Chemdog met up with a guy called “Asshole”, aka “Weasel” to sell him a pipe. They got together and smoked some grass, they were amazed that they had the same stuff! Now, Weasel explained that he did not like the word Chemdog so he called anything that was dank for “Diesel”. Yepp, the originator of Chemdog and Diesel got together one day and blazed together; legendary historical moment. There was an incident taking place in Staten Island around that time. A pollination accident took place where the Chemdog ‘91 got pollinated by Massachusetts Super Skunk. When Weasel got hold of it, he said that it made people sour, and that’s how the famous Sour Diesel came to light in NYC.

Fast forward to 2001, Chemdog and his girlfriend planted three seeds from the original 13 seeds he had. He coined them “C”, “D” and “E”. The “E” plant never sprouted and the “C” turned out to be mediocre. The “D” became the champion plant and was named “Chem D”, which genetics are being used to this day.

In 2006, Chemdog met up with Joebrand who received four out of six seeds that were left from the original 13. He labeled them as #1, #2, #3 and #4. The #4 shared many similarities with the original genetics, and was named “Reunion Pheno”.

If you want to consume some of the Chemdawg notorious genetics, check out Lemon Kush. It’s a mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush. The sativa and indica traits illuminate the euphoric corners of the mind, whilst providing the relaxing and calm feel. When grown indoors, the plant can reach 100-130cm, whilst outdoors, we are looking at bestial sizes between 170-230cm! The Lemon Kush yields approximately 450-500g/m² indoors, and 400-550/m² outdoors.

Today, the genetics of the Dog Bud, Chemdog and Chemdawg are experienced mostly in the Diesel format. It’s good to know the origins of the dank that one consumes. Next time you grind that NYC Diesel, OG Bubble Gum, Lemon Kush or Chemdawg, make sure to illuminate your friends with this story. It must be passed on like the spliff that you rolled, which will make you roll, and howl like a dawg. Aaaaooooouuuuuuu!!