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Kush is a landrace indica, that gave birth to some of the most widely used cannabis strains, such as OG Kush, Lemon Thai, and Lemon Kush. It has been cultivated for centuries in the mountain region known as Hindu Kush (hence its name), which spreads from central Afghanistan to northern Pakistan. Many consider this region to be the birthplace of cannabis and it is known for its high-quality hashish production. During the late 60's and 70's, growing enthusiasts brought quality seeds to the USA, Europe, and Canada through the Hippie Trail and started a new era of indoor growing.

Most of the indicas on the market probably have a Kush heritage, in one way or the other. The reason behind this is, that Kush genetics show superb indica qualities – when these seeds hit the market in the Western World, they changed the game, shortening flowering times and making it possible to have a compact and dense grow. Having a flowering time of roughly 55 days, a great yield, and relatively small height, Kush made indoor growing more popular than ever and made a name for itself in the cannabis scene.

But Kush didn't achieve stardom only thanks to its physical properties. Most of the strains with Kush genetics are THC-heavy, with average levels at 20%. It is an intense, hard-hitting high, known for its body buzz and couch-lock properties. The couch-lock effect is due to the fair amount of CBD in the strain and it is also the reason why it is valued for its medicinal properties. It greatly relieves stress and other ailments, such as migraines, nausea, depression, and anxiety. Due to its potency, it may not be well suited for beginners or they should be advised to take it slow. Kush induces a deep sense of calm and relieves your body and mind.

The taste and smell of this strain are something, that is not easily forgotten. The Hindu Kush variety has a pungent, earthy smell with a touch of spices, while one of the most popular strains nowadays, the OG Kush, has a citrus scent thrown in the mix. These natural and sweet flavors are sought by growers and consumers alike and just add to the astounding qualities of this strain.

We at Zambeza recognize the extraordinary qualities of Kush genetics and offer you a variety of strains to please your Kush demand. Our Lemon Kush is a cross between Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush, and ChemDawg. These together make a wonderful mix and bring the best from both sativa and indica genetics, with a narcotic high and a wonderfully fresh and lemon-like taste. If you are looking for a treat in the flavor department, then the Pineapple Express is for you. Crossing the Pineapple, a very fruity Jamaican variety, and the classic OG Kush we got an explosion of aromas, mixing blends of tropical fruitiness and slightly acidic, citrus flavours. And all that with an intense and extremely relaxed high.

OG Bubble Gum and Choco Candy are two of our strains, that have a special aroma. The OG Bubble Gum is an indica-dominant crossing of OG Kush and Bubble Gum. The aroma of this strain consists of the sweetness of wild berries and a sour, lemon flavour and the high is a calm and relaxing one. Choco Candy on the other hand, is a sativa-dominant cross between Chocolate Haze and OG Chocolate Thai with a multiplying of chocolate aromas going on. Exquisite taste with an uplifting and euphoric high.

It isn't for nothing, that Kush is considered a classic between growers and consumers as well. Its physical properties, combined with the potent high and amazing flavour, make it a favourite of many, which goes to show in the many Cannabis Cups awards these genetics have earned. If you consider growing cannabis, Kush and our Power Kush should be on your to-do list. And righteously so, it is one of the cornerstones of modern-day cannabis genetics.