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Pineapple is the exotic flavoured sativa legend from the Caribbean that’s been missing from your cannabis garden all this time. Old school Jamaican ganja farmers seeking to preserve their precious landrace genetics began crossing mountain grown plants with their lowland cultivated counterparts. Selection was focused upon discovering the fastest flowering and the fruitiest tasting phenotypes of the indigenous legendary “Longtimeweed”. As the name would suggest, it was a typical slow blooming sativa strain, but every once in a while some killer phenotypes emerged and became instant local hits with Jamaican stoners.

Our Pineapple is enriched with Skunk #1 and has been further refined over multiple generations. The result is a far more manageable sativa-dominant hybrid that produces generous harvests of genuine Pineapple flavoured frosty nuggs. Pineapple grows rapidly, developing a huge main cola that may require support, ideally suited to ScrOG systems and definitely prefers organic soil cultivation, but still performs well in hydroponics. Outdoor cultivation is highly recommended, but make sure you’ve got plenty of space and privacy because Pineapple grows like a tree. 4m monsters are not uncommon in suitable latitudes.

Pineapple doesn’t require heavy feeding and is relatively low-maintenance for a sativa strain. Expect tight candle-shaped flavoursome colas in just 10 weeks of flowering. Training plants early and growing in large containers is advised. Germination can be a little slower than most modern hybrids, but Pineapple roots vigorously and only requires 1-2 weeks of vegetative growth to finish with generous yielding mature plants 1.2-1.5m tall.

When it comes to tropical taste and a soaring high, accept no substitutes. Pineapple is the perfect combination of potency and flavour. CBD content is low and THC typically 17%, making for an uplifting rather than overwhelming cerebral effect. Some sativa strains can be too “racy” and even make the user feel paranoid. Pineapple is perfect for taking the edge off and a great daytime stash. Pineapple is energetic, creative and positively inspiring. It’s quite possible Pineapple will have you prancing rather than walking and singing along out aloud to your favourite song.

Of course we couldn’t resist infusing some tropical flavour into another legendary strain; the OG Kush. Combining our tastiest old-school sativa with the knock out power of the OG Kush was a no brainer. Pineapple Express is the world-famous love child from the pairing of Pineapple with OG Kush. Tremendous hybrid vigour brings yields to 550g/m², reduces flowering time to just 55 days, and boosts THC levels to 19%.

Pineapple is not your average strain and until now virtually an endangered species of cannabis. Releasing Pineapple in seed is our gift to a whole new generation of cannabis users and a real blast from the past for old-school hippies.