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Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet

Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet
Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet is an organic growth booster. Its formula contains all the elements your plants need for growing fast and strong. Its content of organic growth stimulants in the form of microorganisms and amino acids optimizes plants’ growth during the entire vegetative stage. Start your precious cultivations with an easy-to-use nutrient like Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet!

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Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet: Fast growth made easy with one single growth booster

The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet is a refined organic growth booster. It contains all the macro and micro elements, which plants need most for their optimal growth. The bio-stimulants included in the formulation of Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet allow the plants to increase their resistance to pests and diseases. The healthy components of this growth booster are active all through the vegetative phase.

The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet is a nutritional supplement for demanding plants. It is most effective when used in combination with other good quality nutrients. This growth booster has a top-class formula which perfectly combines its beneficial substances with Zambeza Organic Foodz. The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet and the Zambeza Organic Foodz perfectly integrate, reinforcing each other’s beneficial effect, and optimizing your plants’ growth.


The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet is formulated with a selection of effective organic bio-stimulants. Each tablet contains millions of microorganisms and amino acids, which are able to increase plant’s nutrient intake during the growing stage. The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet allows your plants to grow their roots bigger and faster. A well developed root system is crucial for maximizing the nutrient intake, which translates to optimized growth patterns, maximum resistance to diseases, and faster development.

Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet can be used throughout the whole vegetative phase, starting from sprouts.


No nutrient is easier than the Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet: just dissolve one tablet (3g) in 3-5 litres of water and stir. The Growth Booster mix is ready for watering you plants.

If you grow indoors, you can use the Zambeza Growz Booster mix every time you water your plants instead of plain water.

If you grow outdoors, simply use the Zambeza Growz Booster mix once or twice per week. Just use regular water if more watering is needed in between. There is no problem in using Zambeza Growz Booster from seed up to the beginning of the flowering phase.

The growz booster mix you made with the Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet should be used within 7 days. After that period it is recommended to prepare a fresh nutrient solution by dissolving one new Growz Booster Tablet in regular water.

The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet is available both in pack of 5 tablets.

Instructions for using the Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet

1. You can use the Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet as soon as you see the sprouts come out of the soil.
2. Dissolve 1 Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet in a tank containing 3 to 5 litres of water. This is your booster mix.
3. Use the Zambeza Growz Booster mix to water your plants as much as they require during their entire growth stage.*

*You can store the Growth Booster mix for 7 days, and use it for watering. After that period you should prepare a new mix with fresh water.


      Name          Percentage      
Hydrolized protein    30.0
Leonardite humic acid 20.0
Lithothamnium seaweed    20.0
Potassium sulfate 12.0
Magnesium sulfate 3.0
Calcium bicarbonate 15.0


      Analysis                         Percentage       
Organic N 4,0
K2O  4,0
SO3  6,0
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