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Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets

Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets
Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets boosts your plants, making them reach the maximum production in the flowering stage. Basic nutrients, such as potassium and phosphorus are provided for converting energy in fast flowering big buds, and heavier yields. Calcium and magnesium support the plant in preventing nutrient deficiencies. Get the best out your yields with Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablet!

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Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets: Maximum yields made easy with one single bloom booster

The Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets enhances plants' metabolism during the flowering phase, resulting in an increased production of buds. This advanced bloom booster provides flowering plants the right amount of basic mineral nutrients, such as phosphorus and potassium. Thanks to the support from these fundamental substances, the plants can convey the most of their energy into developing dense flowers. This product also contains small quantities of minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can keep healthy flowering and productivity, while strengthening the plant, preventing nutrient deficiencies. The only booster you need for faster flowering, heavier yields and bigger flowers is the Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets!

Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets composition is designed as a nutrient supplement. This booster obtains the best result when combined with a regular all-round NPK fertiliser. We recommend Zambeza's Organic Foodz for its perfect integrability with Zambeza Bloom Boozt.

Once your plants start developing flowers, they are telling you that it is the period they would love to have Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets.


Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets is very easy to use. Just dissolve 1 tablet (5g) in 5-8 litres of water and stir a little. Your potent Bloom Boozt mix is ready for use.

If you grow plants indoors, you can use the Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets mix every time you water your plants, instead of plain water.

If you grow outdoors, simply use the Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets mix once or twice per week. Just use regular water if more watering is needed in between.

All watering with nutrients and blooming enhancers should be stopped around 2 weeks before harvest. In these final weeks of plants’ life you should water them with regular water with a proper pH. This allows to flush any residue of nutrients from the soil and the plants’ tissues.

The Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets mix you prepare with water can be stored for about 10 days. After this period you should make a new booster mix.

Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets are available both in packs of 5 tablets.

Instructions for the use of Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets

1. Use the Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets only once flowers are starting to develop.
2. Dissolve 1 Bloom Booster Tablet in 5-8 litres of water and stir to make your fresh booster mix.
3. Use this booster mix to water your plants up until 2 weeks before harvest. Water the whole cultivation soil evenly.*

*In a fresh place you can store your prepared Bloom Booster mix for 10 days. After 10 days, it is advised to prepare a new mix with Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablets. Stop feeding and water your plants with plain water at the proper pH for the last 2 weeks before harvest.


Monopotassium phosphate   65,0
Calcium bicarbonate 25,0
Magnesium sulfate 10,0


Analysis  Percentage
P2O5 30,0
K2O 20,0
MgO 6,0


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