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Amnesia Haze XL

After the arrival of the haze genetics to Holland and the creation of several hybrids, a U.S. expat combined one of the hybrids with a male that was derived from old-style haze seeds, producing the Amnesia Haze XL. The Amnesia Haze XL is created by using the genetics Original Amnesia Haze.

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Haze genes were already around for quite some time in the Netherlands, when an American expat decided to cross it with a classical haze male seeds. After a number of successful haze hybrids made established house names, he created the brand new Amnesia Haze XL. A scion of the Amnesia Haze, it quickly found its way to the Zambeza Seeds catalogue. The feminised Amnesia Haze XL became one of our strongest varieties in terms of THC and CBD content.

A fully grown and properly taken care of, Amnesia Haze XL reaches 100-130cm indoors. Long flowering period makes it also a good choice for outdoor greenhouse cultivation.

Averaging 50-60 g per plant, it will certainly not disappoint you in terms of yields. Kept indoors, it will produce up to 550-600g  per sq meter with 600W light. Outdoor growers can expect yields close to 200g per plant, depending on the amount of sunlight. Extra caution is needed if grown outdoors, as the plant is sensitive to bugs, irrigation or general weather difficulties, all of which affect the crop.

Long flowering period of 65 days might be a drawback for the commercial growers, but real marijuana lovers will be rewarded for their patience. The time this plant needs to fully develop is worth investing in. Amnesia Haze XL is quite versatile in terms of techniques used for cultivation: it does well both in hydro and soil setups, as well as with SOG and ScrOG.

What is so special about it, that would make up for having to see it grow for 4 months and then waiting additional 2 weeks for drying and curing? The answer awaits you already with your first joint or a hit from a bong - and you have our word that it is worth waiting for. Amnesia Haze XL is certainly simply one of the best varieties in the whole Zambeza Seeds catalogue.

Strong psychedelic high will reach you quickly and inevitably. As one might expect from a haze, the smoke has a distinctive fruity, citrus taste and a refreshing aroma, which further enhance the pleasure of enjoying this plant's crop. Take caution though, as it produces a really strong smoke and effect - the name is fully deserved!

  • Flowering time 65 days
  • Genetics Original Amnesia Haze
  • THC 21%
  • Effect Relaxed
  • Height 100cm - 130cm
  • Yield/m2 550 - 600 grams
  • Type Sativa dominant
  • Taste Fruity
    By tracey C. on 17/Nov/2014 :

    Title : The dutch amnesia haze..
    Comment : Top quality strain, dutch amnesia haze is the first haze/sativa dominant strain i have grown, I grew it along with zambeza's "ice lady" which was a dense potent indica killer smoke. The dutch anmesia had a long stretchy frame in veg, I vegged for 6 weeks which was maybe too long, and when flower was initiated it stretched like crazy therefore I LST'd for better canopy spread. The flowering period was long at 11 weeks but the quality of buds were beautiful, the smell of citrus with a delightful lemony bouquet, buds were a joy to smoke, very creative and uplifting, great yield at 70g.. I will defo grow this haze again, brilliant..

    By Marco C. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Dutch Amnesia Haze
    Comment : Siamo rimasti impressionati da questa varietà di Cannabis Haze. Richiede tempi più lunghi per maturare ma, come avevate premesso, l'attesa è stata ricompensata dalla resa. Anche ai nostri clienti non è dispiaciuto aspettare. In poche parole: saremo nuovamente vostri clienti. La Cannabis di vostra produzione è sempre disponibile in magazzino e la consegna è veloce. Il vostro servizio clienti è eccellente: abbiamo ricevuto repentine risposte ad ogni nostra domanda.

    By Joop H. on 08/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Heftig!
    Comment : Rokers houden van Dutch Amnesia Haze vanwege haar vermogen om langdurende effecten te veroorzaken die hen alles laten vergeten wat ze gedaan hebben. Kwekers houden van haar omdat ze met haar opbrengst van 50-60 g/plant de allerbeste en meest bewonderde wiet kunnen oogsten. De smaak die deze soort produceert is gelijk aan die van Crystal Silver Haze, met een meer potente, ietwat zure inslag. Zelfs de doorgewinterde roker zal op zijn benen staan te wankelen van deze hypnotische schoonheid.

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