7 Essential Tips You Need To Know When Growing Cannabis

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7 Essential Tips You Need To Know When Growing Cannabis

Going back to basics can often seem like a step backward. When it comes to growing the best quality weed you can if often comes back to the fundamentals of cannabis growing. Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one. In this case, we cover off some essential tips for everyone from the novice to experienced cannabis grower.

While growing cannabis can be a complex yet beautiful art, the act itself is very much a learning experience. As such with each grow you will gain invaluable knowledge and start to pick up some tricks or top tips. Knowing that this can be a somewhat lengthy process, Zambeza Seeds is here to help you out. Overwhelming tutorials combined with pages and pages of scrolling text can be a hard task to digest when you first venture into growing cannabis.

Whether you are a novice grower or a seasoned pro, the following top tips will put you in good stead for a successful grow. Not only will they help ease you into producing your own cannabis, but they can be a point of reference for future grows. If your next batch of weed does not go to plan, it will undoubtedly come back to one of these key reference points. Never be afraid to come back to the basics if you are trying to grow a new strain for the first time or experimenting with a different growing environment.


Bud rot is a phrase often whispered among friendship circles for fear of your much-loved buds being struck down. Without proper airflow, bud rot is a very real prospect. If the growing environment is allowed to become too humid, this can encourage what looks like white powder to form on your plants. This powder is actually a form of mold that will slowly be destroying your cannabis making it unsafe to smoke. Having a clear path for the airflow will not only discourage this mold from forming but will encourage healthy growth in your cannabis plants as well.

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Just because you heard of this great strain from your mate doesn't mean when the time comes to grow it for yourself that the results will be the same. If you are serious about growing cannabis, whether it is for personal consumption or even on a larger scale, a reputable seed farm is essential. Regardless of whether your chosen strain is the same, seeds from different seed farms will all grow slightly differently based on the genetics of that plant. Remember cannabis is a living organism, no two plants will be exactly the same! Zambeza Seeds has proven results and genetics, allowing you to plan for the strain of cannabis you want to grow.

If you are choosing to grow for your own consumption then a strain of cannabis that grows incredibly tall and has a long grow cycle is probably not the best choice. Don't be afraid to look around at the strains available so that it suits your needs and the limitations of your growing environment.

Finally, it is highly recommended you avoid any “mystery seeds”, these come with no backing, no guidance and NO guarantee you will even produce quality weed. Mystery seeds are never worth the effort, time or cost it might take to produce cannabis.


Sounds simple enough but the key mechanism of any plant, not just cannabis is photosynthesis. Without light, your cannabis plants won't grow and without growth, you have no buds. Now chances are you probably won't be growing outdoors, which means you need to supplement that natural cycle of light. However, this also means you can dictate the coverage they need. The light set up for you will depend on your growing environment so more often than not a simple internet search will reveal the best positioning of light.


It is a cliché but in the case of marijuana, this is completely true. Nutrients can be a minefield, with so many different brands claiming they have the best type or combination of nutrients. First-time growers can often become overwhelmed with all this information. If you break it down to the core components, cannabis plants need a very simple makeup of nutrients. Likewise, a number of nutrients they need doesn't need to be excessive. More nutrients does not equal more buds - in fact, too much can cause harm. Giving cannabis what it needs when its needs it is probably one of the simplest and easiest steps to follow in growing great bud. Don't allow yourself to be sucked into fancy packaging and outlandish advertising claims.


Often when we think of growing cannabis it is a simple case of finding seeds, growing the plants, waiting for the buds to be produced and hey presto, cannabis! There is an important step, probably the most important step that can often be overlooked. Harvesting your cannabis plants the right way. Understanding what to look for in the pistils and the darkening process that they go through will ensure that you harvest them at the 'right' time. Too earlier or too late can have detrimental effects on the quality of your weed.

At this stage, it is time to bring the microscope into play, especially if you want the most accurate results. By using a microscope to look at the trichomes (microscopic nodes that look a little like glittery mushrooms) you can tell if your cannabis is ready to harvest. If the trichomes are cloudy white rather than clear then your buds are at their greatest potency and with the greatest potency comes the highest concentration of THC.


This takes us back to taking seed recommendations off a friend or mate. Not always, but a lot of the time people or even the internet can give us misinformation. In this case, misinformation could lead to poor quality weed or a plant that doesn't flower at all. Given none of us want our time and money wasted it is always worth doing your own research to back up any recommendations or claims. This could be as simple as looking at a number of user reviews for a seed farm, or researching growing environments and cross-referencing information across articles. A small amount of time spent searching for the right information will save you time in the long run. That time could be better spent smoking the fruits of your labour.


Please don't tell everyone, but in truth growing a couple of plants is not all that difficult. Nor does it have to be that time-consuming. A lot of growing guides will be based on growing multiple plants aimed at maximizing your growing space but in essence cannabis plants are a simple being. A couple of days to research your growing space combined with 15 minutes each day to make sure your cannabis plants are growing as intended and you are over half way to having some decent bud. As long as you don't rush the drying/curing process at the end, even novice growers will be able to yield enough weed to satisfy personal consumption.

So there you have it! Follow these easy tips, and you will soon be growing better weed and improving your skills!