Best Indica Strains For Southern Climates

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Best Indica Strains For Southern Climates

If you live in the south, you'll be familiar with warm temperatures, sunny weather, and a long growing season. These luxuries make your location absolutely perfect for growing cannabis. These indica strains thrive in this environment. Treat them to some sun and receive some seriously stoning weed in return.

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can grow just about anywhere. However, growers in warmer southern regions have the luxury of an extended growing season. Warmer autumn weather allows them to push flowering well into October. Towering sativa specimens with long flowering times are well-suited to this kind of climate, and it makes sense that most growers would opt to cultivate these productive varieties.

However, not every outdoor grower prioritises, or appreciates, these majestic specimens. Those looking to keep things low-key and close to the ground prefer to grow indica cultivars. These strains still provide impressive yields, but offer greater discretion and, typically, more stoning highs.


Check out the top five indica strains to grow in southern climates below. All of these cultivars offer amazing flavours, satisfying yields, and therapeutic effects. Which one will you cultivate first?

Crazy Cookies1. CRAZY COOKIES

Crazy Cookies has it all. The indica-dominant beast boasts enormous THC levels, a succulent terpene profile, and a heavy yield. Our breeders created this specimen by crossing legendary parent strains Cookies and OG Kush. The unification of these classics created a cultivar with almost unrivalled flavour and potency.

Crazy Cookies produces tall and narrow colas that ooze an abundance of resin. This viscous exudate contains THC levels as high as 24%. Crazy Cookies slams the body with an indica high that renders the muscles soft and the head heavy. She provides a relaxing effect that’s ideal for quiet social gatherings and evenings spent in solitude. Blaze these buds just before bed and dive into the deepest sleep you’ve ever had. If smoking isn’t enough for you, harness her flavourful terpene profile and make some mind-melting brownies.

Crazy Cookies thrives outdoors under the southern sun. She’ll grow to a height of around 150–200cm and provide an impressive yield of up to 700g/plant. Prepare to harvest these sticky colas after a flowering time of only 55 days.

Misty Gorilla2. MISTY GORILLA

Misty Gorilla is Zambeza’s very own version of the infamous Gorilla Glue. The original strain is known all over the cannabis world as one of the most potent cultivars available. Our expert breeders managed to create a near-identical variety by crossing parent strains Diesel, Chem Sis, and Sour Dubb. Approach this strain with extreme caution. A monumental THC level of 27% launches users into a deeply stoning high that lasts for hours at a time. The fast-acting effects take hold immediately and exert an overwhelming urge to lie down and relax.

Don’t smoke Misty Gorilla if you’re hoping for a productive day. Instead, save these buds for when it’s time to disconnect from the world and zone out. Her enormous THC content also carries some obvious medicinal effects. A couple of tokes is enough to ease pain and lift users out of a low mood. Her orange-green buds also house a complex terpene profile that generates flavours and aromas of pine and chocolate.

Misty Gorilla pumps out large quantities of sedating flowers. Outdoor plants peak at a height of 170cm and provide a harvest of up to 600g/plant. Prepare to harvest these aromatic buds after a flowering time of 55 days.


Are you hoping for an easy growing season? If so, OG Bubble Gum Autoflowering is the strain for you. This hardy autoflowering cultivar will practically look after herself. She’s resistant to extreme weather and can tolerate most pests and moderate deficiencies. She’ll handle heat waves with ease; just make sure she doesn’t completely dry out.

OG Bubble Gum Autoflowering inherited her sugary-sweet terpene profile and euphoric high from OG Bubble Gum—the progeny of OG Kush and Bubble Gum. Her buds are small and compact, but emanate a pungent aroma of sugar and berries. Your garden is going to smell, so be sure to mask her scent with aromatic companion plants such as basil. A moderate THC level of 16% provides a mellow yet effective high that relaxes the body and raises the appetite. The high is enough to induce a long-lasting experience that doesn't become overwhelming.

OG Bubble Gum Autoflowering won’t exceed a height of 110cm outdoors. Her canopy can easily be concealed by surrounding crops to keep your grow-op private. She’ll produce a reasonable yield of 175g/plant in as little as 50 days after germination.

Power Kush4. POWER KUSH

You know you’re dealing with stoning indica genetics anytime you see the word "Kush". Power Kush is no exception, providing the sedating and couch-locking effects that made these genetics world-renowned. Power Kush is the progeny of Critical and OG Kush, and she expresses the best traits of both parents. She fuses the herbal and citrus notes of OG Kush with the heavy body high of Critical.

Power Kush pulls no punches with a THC content of 20%. All it takes is a couple of hits from a joint or vape to feel a heavy and comforting high slowly creep across your entire body. Sit back and relax as you start to philosophise with friends and feel your body sink into the very fabric of the couch.

Power Kush will swiftly ascend to a height of 160cm in a sunny southern climate. She’ll produce an admirable yield of 600g/plant after flowering for around 50 days.


Northern Lights is a name known all over the cannabis world. Even most novice smokers will be familiar with this prestigious cultivar. The renowned indica descends from Afghan and Thai landrace genetics, and has been used to create countless modern varieties. Our expert breeders decided to backcross Northern Lights with her native Afghan genetics to create an equally stoning, yet much more productive, specimen Northern Lights XL. l

Northern Lights XL churns out tall colas loaded with terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. These molecules create moreish tastes of pepper and citrus and produce an anti-anxiety effect. This terpene profile, combined with a THC level of 19%, initiates a high that quiets the mind and puts an end to racing thoughts. Northern Lights XL eases stress, reduces pain, and makes for a giggly and fun experience.

Northern Lights XL boasts a hefty harvest when grown outdoors. Expect a bounty of up to 650g/plant after a flowering time of 60 days.