Cannabis Dating Apps

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Cannabis Dating Apps

Dating apps for cannabis enthusiasts are exactly what hippies would expect from the 21st century. Check out these cannabis dating apps and what they have to offer you.

Love, romance, and passion can be found for all us cannabis enthusiasts who are searching for like-minded counterparts. After Tinder became a huge success and changed the dating landscape, many dating sites rose to the surface, narrowing down on a specific interest, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, and more. Now we have cannabis dating apps, yep, apps which connect cannabis consumers, enthusiasts, advocates, and medicinal users. Even though the stigma surrounding cannabis use is diminishing, many stoners prefer to date someone who’s in alignment with their ganja endeavours. Let’s check out the following three cannabis dating apps, and what they’re all about.


This app has been featured in High Times and The New York Times. It allows romantic relationships to blossom between marijuana aficionados. This app is free to join; one just needs to fill in some information, add a good-looking picture, and take a personality test to match with like-minded spirits. It’s best to fill in all the data, which allows the algorithms to find the best match. There’s a chat function, so you can talk about your favourite strains and edibles. It’s an easy app to understand, and if something’s unclear, you can query the My 420 Mate customer service.


This dating app is great to learn the specifics surrounding people's passion for cannabis. You can answer a set of questions, such as: Which strain do you prefer? Indica or sativa? Do you smoke, vape, enjoy edibles, etc. This dating app looks quite old-school and is not really sophisticated. However, there is definitely some potential there to meet your true cannabis-loving love. They also have a blog platform attached to the 420 Singles site, where you can read various blogs about cannabis, dating, and aliens.


High There has probably the catchiest name and has a very slick and comprehensive interface. It’s a dating app, yet some functionalities are reminiscent of Twitter. High There is also a platform where you can follow hashtags and use it for networking. The front page even says “the cannabis social network”. You can see profiles of potentials, including pictures, preferences, and descriptions. If you get on this app, starting the conversation by saying “High There!” may be too cheesy for some people.


Having a solid smoke session on the first date is something that most people on these apps will approve of. Consider that some of these apps might not work depending on your location. Apps which narrow down on a specific field will always have a lower amount of users than Tinder. However, the best kind of matches are the ones where there’s common interest—in this case, everything surrounding our sweet Mary Jane.