Cannabis Is Less Harmful Than Sugar

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Cannabis Is Less Harmful Than Sugar

In a recent survey, Americans were asked what they consider to be the most harmful habit. Surprisingly, the majority considers cannabis less harmful than sugar.

When considering such bad habits as smoking/chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, consuming sugary foods/drinks and smoking cannabis, do you have any idea as to which ones are the least and most harmful to your health? This very question was presented to a rather large group of Americans through a survey given by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. The answers may surprise you. Nearly half of the participants (49 percent) agreed that smoking/chewing tobacco is the most harmful habit. Drinking alcohol came in second receiving almost 24 percent of the votes.

While the above figures may seem quite obvious, it might be a bit more difficult to determine how people feel about sugary foods/drinks and cannabis. Since cannabis is illegal, it must be bad for you: right? Apparently, anti-pot propaganda has failed: Now, the majority of Americans think that sugar is worse for you than marijuana!

In fact, only eight percent of the survey respondents said that they believed cannabis is the most dangerous habit. On the other hand, almost twice this amount (15 percent) agreed that sugar was the most dangerous.
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Bad Habits and Their Health Risks

Most people by now are aware of the health issues that are related to tobacco usage. Smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to a number of serious problems including tooth loss, various forms of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and numerous breathing issues.

You may already know that drinking alcohol can lead to a vast array of health problems as well. Just a few of the many issues that alcohol consumption can cause include liver disease, heart disease and weakened immune systems. And this is not counting the social problems, psychological problems and accidents that alcohol can lead to.

But what about sugar and marijuana? Let us look at the health issues that sugar consumption can be linked to. Although the American Heart Association states that people should only consume about 100 to 150 calories of sugar per day, the average person consumes a shocking 500 calories every day! When paired with an inactive to moderate lifestyle, this much sugar consumption can be quite dangerous. As a matter of fact, excessive sugar consumption has been linked to many medical problems including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, heart disease and even strokes!
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And what about cannabis?

Over decades propaganda wants you to believe that cannabis is the devil’s weed, sending you right down into the mental asylum. But times have changed - literally hundreds of studies have demonstrated that cannabis is not causing physical or psychological harm, but actually holding extremely valuable medicinal qualities. Now used to treat conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson and even terminal cancers, the cat is out of the bag - cannabis is a medicinal plant.

Rightly people are realizing that things are not what they seem like. Just because something ubiquitous as sugar doesn’t mean it’s good for you - and just because cannabis is illegal doesn’t mean it’s harmful.