How To Make CBD-Infused Coffee

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How To Make CBD-Infused Coffee

CBD-infused coffee is the latest cannabis trend beginning to cross over into the mainstream. You might be wondering how this strange blend came into being, and more importantly, what kind of effects are to be expected. Keep reading to find out all this and more about CBD-infused coffee.


Believe it or not, CBD-infused coffee is already a reality. In fact, it’s the latest cannabis trend to blow up. Of course, CBD-infused coffee was made in America. The green rush is on. New cannabinoid-infused versions of all kinds of food and beverages are flooding the market in the US.

However, it's CBD-infused products that have the potential to become world-stars. Cannabidiol is legal in 43 US States, all of Canada, and across most of the European market too. And if you look at it from a business perspective, pairing up the rising star supplement CBD with the world’s most popular psychoactive pick-me-up is a marketing marriage made in heaven.


This is the tricky part. CBD has pretty low bioavailability when ingested orally. Sublingual (under the tongue) application is preferred by most CBD oil consumers as it increases bioavailability. This method avoids the “first pass effect” in the liver, which reduces the absorption of the dose.

You could keep it simple and brew your favourite blend of coffee and add a few drops of CBD oil. This is a crude DIY quick fix. What you really what is a cup of CBD-infused java from a professional barista. This will require a trip to Amsterdam or America at the moment. But don’t be surprised if you see CBD-infused coffee suddenly popping up on the menu in trendy European businesses.

Flower Power Coffee Company based in New York and Ohio has a more sophisticated process for mixing CBD with their coffee. Rather than just adding a few drops of CBD oil to a cup, this outfit actually infuses the ground beans before they are brewed. Co-founders chef Leighton Knowles and pharmacist Craig Leivent claim they can provide a consistent dose of CBD in every cup by doing so.


Caffeine is an adenosine blocker that prevents you from feeling drowsy, and at the same time increases your adrenaline level. That’s why a morning cup of caffeinated coffee really gets your engine running. Moreover, a pre-workout shot of espresso is a popular gym hack for those looking for an energy boost without guzzling sugar-laden energy drinks.

Remember, caffeine is a stimulant. That delicious foamy latte or creamy cappuccino you waited in line for that cost €5 is psychoactive. According to the latest research, which tends to swing back and forth regarding coffee, caffeine enhances dopamine. Furthermore, recent studies suggest neuroprotective properties too.

Caffeine can even boost your mood, especially if you have come to depend on it. The catch is, caffeine is addictive. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are real and recognised by John Hopkins Medical as a disorder. A cup of coffee has become a fix for many, this writer included. The switched-on feeling a cup of coffee delivers has a duration of some 4–6 hours. That’s why it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep for a hardcore caffeine addict.

How To Make CBD-Infused Coffee


CBD is non-psychoactive and won’t get you high. What makes CBD special is that it helps us to maintain homeostasis. This cannabinoid has so many potential medicinal benefits and therapeutic applications, we couldn’t possibly fit them in all in this text. CBD is renowned for its calming effect.

Cannabidiol utilises the ECS or endocannabinoid system common to every human being to achieve a state of balance and harmony. Supplementing with CBD oil is a popular health and wellness trend, even amongst those outside of the cannabis community.


The cannabinoids THC and CBD together achieve what is known as the “entourage effect”. This is where CBD mitigates the psychoactive high of THC to synergise more balanced effects. Could it be that CBD and coffee are interacting in a similar way?

While we can’t cite any conclusive study, and being cautious not to stray into fantasy, we can still speculate. Perhaps caffeine and CBD in combination are becoming something greater than the sum of its parts. After all, a cup of CBD-infused coffee, which will cost at least $2 more stateside than a standard coffee, is supposed to give you the alertness of caffeine, without the jitters.


The Zambeza jury is still out on this case. While we’ve heard plenty of rave reviews, we’ve heard an equal number of dissatisfied complaints. Some felt energised, others actually felt tired. High Times certainly hasn't jumped on the CBD-infused coffee bandwagon with reckless abandon. A recent article dismissed the whole notion of CBD-infused coffee as ridiculous and a passing fad.

We are more open to the idea that CBD-infused coffee is at the concept stage, and likely to evolve and endure over the long-term. For now, Starbucks won’t have to worry too much about the competition from CBD-infused coffee. Until the blend is perfected, it's just a fun experiment—not a replacement for 100% arabica Americano just yet.