How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil At Home

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How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil At Home

Coconut oil and cannabis: secret soulmates? This powerful cannabis concentrate is supercharged with health benefits. Make it at home with this simple recipe.

What do coconut oil and cannabis have in common, aside from the letter "C"? They've both made waves for their properties and wide range of uses across personal care sectors. Well, the time has come for them to level-up and join forces!

Here's how to infuse coconut oil with the power of cannabis at home. You'll end up with a versatile and potent concentrate that's packed with added health benefits, and can be used in vegetarian and vegan cooking recipes.

Let's start with what makes coconut oil such a great partner for cannabis. Then we'll go through a simple step-by-step recipe.


It's almost a running joke that any problem can be solved with a bit of coconut oil. It's been used in recipes, remedies, and beauty routines across numerous cultures for hundreds of years. Here in the West, it's gained recent traction as a superfood and cosmetics heavyweight.

So, what makes coconut oil so magical? It's all about those fatty acids.

Over 50% of the fat found in coconut oil is lauric acid, a highly beneficial compound with antibacterial and antiviral properties. The healthy fats in coconut oil are great for your gut and immune system. They help increase HDL, the "heart healthy" kind of cholesterol. Coconut oil is also chock-full of antioxidants and, as an added bonus, it's vegan!

That's pretty impressive, but here's what makes coconut oil and cannabis true soulmates...

Coconut oil has a high percentage of saturated fat: think 80% to olive oil's 20%. That means it's naturally talented at binding with cannabinoids. The result is high potency with minimal waste. Combining cannabis and coconut oil lets you truly reap the benefits of both.

Wondering how? Making a tincture is a cost-effective and simple way to get the most out of your mixture.

Coconut Oil


A cannabis-infused oil is a simple and handy cooking ingredient that allows users to either dose directly, or use as a base to make tasty cannabis edibles. Depending on the oil used, it can also be used as a cosmetic product. The active compounds in cannabis bind to fat, so using an oil allows for the compounds to be extracted and then used in cooking without having to use the actual plant matter in your edibles.

In the case of cannabis-infused coconut oil, you can easily add to food and drink, eat it as it is, or apply topically. It even works well in gel-caps, since coconut oil stays solid at room temperature.

Discreet and versatile!


Here's how to create your own magical cannabis coconut oil. All you need are a few items from around the house. This recipe is also a great way to get the most out of your stash. Using stems, trim, and leaves will still render you a potent result.



1 cup coconut oil
1 cup cannabis buds (or 3 cups trim)


Double boiler (or saucepan and a small pot)
Large wooden spoon
Jar or another storage container

Cannabis coco Oil


1. Grind your bud, sugar leaves, and/or trim into small pieces. Avoid grinding it so fine that it passes through the cheesecloth.

2. Add the ground cannabis and coconut oil to the double boiler. If you don't have a double boiler, add some water to a saucepan and place a small pot or metal bowl snugly over top.

3. Heat for 6–8 hours on low, stirring occasionally. Add small amounts of water as needed. This will decarboxylate the cannabis, ensuring you feel its effects.

4. Remove from heat and let cool.

5. Drain and strain your oil mixture using the cheesecloth. Discard the remaining plant material.

6. Place the strained oil in a jar or airtight container. This is your tincture!

7. Store at room temperature for up to 2 months, or refrigerate for longer.

And there you have it: plenty of enjoyment for one low-key day of work.

This recipe will yield a powerful concentrate, so use it sparingly until you find the right dosage. Also, remember that the effects of your infusion will vary depending on which cannabis strain you choose.

If you want a pick-me-up, choose a sativa-dominant strain and add some to your morning coffee. We recommend Misty Gorilla if you are feeling a sativa. The pleasant taste of coconut oil blends seamlessly with whatever drink or treat you're craving. If perhaps you would prefer a mellow, relaxing experience then an indica strain like Rocket Banana. These are just a couple of options, so feel free to get creative. Better yet, make a few oils with different strains and use as needed.

The possibilities are endless!