How to make marijuana infused tea?

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How to make marijuana infused tea?

Whether it's for medical reasons or stimulating a creative high for the day. A nice cuppa' of your favourite tea infused with cannabis can give you a high that is all about the journey, not the destination.

Long thought to be the exclusive right of the great British public, tea has become a stable go-to drink all across the globe. No longer just a symbol of elegance and privilege it can be enjoyed in a myriad of formats. Herbal tea, fruit tea, milk, no milk, milk first, water first ... The options are endless. The option that interests us the most though is a herbal tea. For most a cup of tea in the morning can help get them up and over that sleepy stumbling block, but what if it could also help you manage a chronic pain or illness that was impacting on your quality of life?

What are the Benefits?

Favoured by many medical cannabis users, cannabis tea can become part of your already daily routine of ingesting marijuana. Be it for medical reasons or simply to help give you a creative high for the day, marijuana tea is simple, effective and ready in minutes (although there is some preparation required beforehand). The benefits of a cannabis infused tea can prove very attractive to users that are unable to smoke cannabis. Effects generally manifest themselves gradually over time, roughly 30 to 90 minutes allowing the high to build rather than the “instant hit” that can sometimes come from smoking a particularly strong strain. Effects also typically last longer depending on the amount ingested which can prove ideal for helping manage pain for the day, or even if you are just enjoying a relaxed and chilled day at home.

Cannabis Tea

How to Prepare Marijuana Tea

Simplicity is the key word for this preparation method. The only additional ingredient needed to your usual tea making routine is cannabutter. If you're unfamiliar which how to make and prepare cannabutter, be sure to check out Zambeza's own guide, covering all you need to know. Cannabutter can be used in all forms of cooking and meal preparation so it is worth taking some time to prepare plenty in advance.

Taking as little as 10 minutes, the tea is brewed exactly the same as normal tea. Add your chosen tea bag and one tablespoon of cannabutter to your mug. Add your boiling water, allowing the cannabutter to dissolve fully in the water before drinking. Like any great cup of tea, I personally add sugar and milk but the latter is entirely personal preference.

That's really is all there's is to it. Who says good things come to those who wait!? One last point to note would be that for first-time users, not feeling that “high” straight off the bat can be deceptive. Ingested weed can be up to four times stronger based on the strain and your body's own tolerance. So necking a few mugs of marijuana-infused tea for fear of not getting high is a sure fire way to a bad high. The method may be quick but the benefits will be reaped all day long so enjoy the ride.