Recipe: How To Make A Raw Cannabis, Sweet Potato, And Pear Smoothie

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Recipe: How To Make A Raw Cannabis, Sweet Potato, And Pear Smoothie

A raw cannabis leaf smoothie can have surprising benefits as raw food. However, the idea of munching on cannabis leaves doesn't hold much appeal, we have you covered. Here is how you can smoothie to suit your taste.

Often when we think of cannabis, it is not for its health benefits or the therapeutic uses it has become increasingly popular for. Given that its illegality is under stronger criticism across the world, cannabis has become more readily available and as such its medical benefits more readily studied. Although we are well versed in the use of cannabis concentrates and the standard act of smoking cannabis, it is not often the raw plant itself is referred to.

Cannabis, in all its many guises, comes with many different cannabinoids as well. Dried and cured cannabis with the right strain can contain vast amounts of THC - the active cannabinoid in cannabis that provides the 'high'. Left to age, the cannabinoid CBN becomes more prevalent which in turn brings its own uses. The same can be said for using or eating the raw cannabis plant. It is less about the typical high that users come to expect from cannabis but more about understanding the cannabinoids that are present in these different forms and the effect you desire. Raw cannabis contains higher amounts of the cannabinoid THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic-acid) and CBDA (Cannabidiolic-acid) both widely considered to have numerous health benefits.

Now to the crux of the matter, how can raw cannabis be made appealing and appetising? Because let us face it, eating what is essentially plant leaves is no one's favorite past time. The answer to that lies in smoothies. Used by fitness gurus the world over as a way of combining large amounts of fruits and plants for their health benefits, the process is no different except this time we add in our much-loved herb.



- Raw Cannabis Leaves
- Sweet Potato
- Pear
- Orange Juice


1. Equal parts of all the ingredients should be used to stop anyone of them becoming overpowering. Chopping all the ingredients is fine so don't worry about ruining the cannabis leaves.

2. Using a blender or juicing machine, add all the ingredients and blend to your desired consistency. This is completely a matter of choice but adding water can make it easier to drink.

3. This final step is again down to you. At this point, you can serve and enjoy your creation but also consider adding more ingredients to increase the nutritional value of your new favourite smoothie. Anything you would normal find in a health boosting smoothie is applicable here.

Don't let that lack of high put you off, the nutrients available from not only the cannabis leaves but the additional ingredients in this smoothie will have your body thanking you all day long. After all, you are what you eat!