The Difference Between Being High And Being Stoned

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The Difference Between Being High And Being Stoned

Knowing the difference between these two states is crucial to discovering the best cannabis strains for you. Next time you buy your bud, you'll have more control over whether you'll feel high or stoned.

With so many different terms in the cannabis ecosystem, we would’ve guessed there would be a recognised world dictionary for all of them by now. But until that happens, we’ll help you differentiate two of the most commonly misused words inside the stoner community.

Although one may be inclined to think that being “high” and “stoned” are the same, these words mean completely different things. So, if you’re curious about understanding the stoner lingo, let’s dive deeper into these terms.


Whether it’s cocaine or cannabis, “being high” is a term used to describe the intended effects of any type of drug. When one is high on alcohol, it usually means he/she is feeling euphoric, less coordinated, more social, etc. Once a drunk person feels nauseated, that is no longer an alcohol high. A high is only the sensation that the drug was intended to give.

When it comes to cannabis, a high will usually consist of a relaxing feeling, uplifting thoughts, and a weightless physical sensation. But it’ll depend on the strain and how much of it you smoke. But if this is a high, what is being stoned like?


“Being stoned” is usually referred to as the opposite of being high. Not in the way that being sober is, but in the way that it’s a completely different feeling from the same substance. This is the feeling one gets an hour or two after finishing a smoke session.

The stoned feeling will leave you sleepy, couch-locked, and lazy. It’s the reason why Netflix disabled the “are you still watching?” feature on the famous stoner holiday in 2018. This is also the period where the munchies most commonly kick in. But it’s also when you’ll feel less like standing up to get food.


For an experienced stoner, it’s now clear that even though you can never only get stoned or high, you can try to enjoy the majority of the one you prefer by choosing to smoke a sativa instead of an indica strain, or vice versa.

If you’re looking for a stoning, “indacouch” strain, go with an indica. Indicas are more prone to inducing physical highs as well as a spaced out, introspective thoughts. These will be the best strains to smoke at night when you really don’t have anything important to do. Don’t go for a heavy stone if you need to focus or work that day.

But in case you do need to take care of some errands, sativas will do you the trick. These are the strains responsible for giving you a straight-up energetic high. They won’t make you any lazier than you already are sober. In fact, you might even feel more motivated than usual.

The Difference Between Being High And Being Stoned


Unfortunately, if you want to smoke some weed, you’re stuck with both of these states. So, whether you prefer to be stoned or high, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with both.

For growers, there are a few guidelines, aside from genetics, that play into whether you will experience a high or a stone. The first is when the plants are harvested. This is important because a plant that’s harvested early will have a clearer, more energetic high, while one that’s harvested later will produce a heavy stone. Make sure you study the flowering periods of the strains you decide to grow. This will guarantee you can make an informed decision.


A CBD-rich strain that contains no THC will not produce a high nor a stone. Strains with both THC and CBD, however, will synergise to induce different effects from strain to strain. The same goes for terpenes. As such, it may take some experimentation to discover what works best for you.

Take notes of your favourite strains and sensations, and how much you smoked to achieve them. Keep a strain journal with you to record your findings.