Three Basic Cannabis Cultivation Methods

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Three Basic Cannabis Cultivation Methods

There are quite a few different ways to grow cannabis, with cultivation taking place either in or out of doors.

There are quite a few different ways to grow cannabis, with cultivation taking place either in or out of doors. Regardless of the climate lived in, practically anyone can successfully grow cannabis plants easily thanks to innovative growing techniques and personal dedication.

After selecting seeds or clones of the cannabis strain desired, choose one of the following basic cannabis growing methods used by many other successful gardeners.

3 Basic Ways To Cultivate Cannabis Plants

Outdoor Cultivation

Growing cannabis outside can provide you with quite a bit of cultivation space. Planted with access to plenty of sunlight in fertile soil, cannabis will thrive outdoors in its natural growing habitat. There are even special seed strains available that are made strictly for outdoor cultivation.
Cannabis seeds growing outside
Growing cannabis in soil outdoors is the easiest and least expensive method. No special equipment is necessary. Even the fertilizers used to help the cannabis grow healthy and strong need be nothing more than the standard varieties bought at any garden shop.
One of the only disadvantages of this method is: bad soil will equal unhealthy plants. To ensure crop yields are fruitful, be sure to use soil that is rich in minerals and other nutrients the plants require to thrive.

Hydroponic Cultivation

Hydroponic cannabis growing is a wonderful cultivation method for anyone seeking high yields without the mess of growing in soil. The plants are grown in gravel kept in troughs or clay pots, and water and fertilizers are used to flood the containers frequently throughout each day of growing.
Hydroponic marijuana growing
Hydroponic growing is more expensive than traditional soil methods. Growers will need to purchase the pumps, containers, reservoirs, and gravel before the project begins. This method also requires quite a bit more work for the grower, as the levels of nutrients, as well as pH balance will need to be consistently monitored.

Hydroponic cannabis cultivation takes up a lot of space, but for gardeners willing to dedicate time, effort, and square footage to their cause, hydroponics are an excellent growing option for beautiful plants with high yields.

Aeroponic Cultivation

Cannabis growers who want to try something new and interesting may want to give growing their plants through the aeroponic method. Aeroponic growing involves growing the roots of the plant in air rather than soil, gravel, or any other medium. Using a mesh basket to nestle the growing plants, growers spray a continuous mist of water and fertilizers over the hanging roots.
Aeroponic cannabis growing

Growing cannabis with aeroponics is the fastest method and often yields unbelievably large results. However, aeroponics are not for beginners. Only seasoned cannabis growers should give this method a try, as it is extremely easy to make mistakes and the method is unforgiving. If the pH balance or nutrient levels are incorrect, the crop can die in a very short amount of time.

Though it requires more labor than soil cultivation and takes equally as much time and money as growing hydroponically, aeroponics, when done correctly, can give growers a more amazing crop than they have ever seen before.