Cannabis Seeds Vs. Cannabis Clones

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Cannabis Seeds Vs. Cannabis Clones

Most cannabis growers began with the same question. Should I use cannabis seeds or clones?


Most cannabis growers began with the same question. Should I use cannabis seeds or clones? This question does not have a simple answer, but there are easy ways to compare the two options. Deciding which one works best for you is something that only you can decide. However, much evidence shows that seeds produce a better plant overall, despite the allure of clones.

What You Can Expect When Planting Cannabis Seeds
Seeds are natural. They are also predictable. A reputable seed bank can offer a close look at exactly how your plant will develop and what level of quality you can expect. Though clones are exact replicas, they often cause a lot of unexpected problems that make harvest prediction impossible. There is no better way to guarantee the outcome of your crop than by using real seeds from a professional seed bank.
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A disadvantage to using seeds is that, unless you buy feminized, they will produce half male plants. This can be avoided with clones, but it can also be avoided with seeds, so long as you know what you are buying. Feminized seeds are more costly than clones, but you will be avoiding many of the risks that clone growers face every time they harvest.

At a seed bank, you are able to obtain all feminized seeds to ensure that all of your plants are female, reducing the hassle of dealing with male cannabis plants. Specific cannabis seeds can be crossed, by you, allowing total control over what you grow. Though clones begin at a further stage of development, there is far less control over the actual outcome.

Seeds do not carry all the baggage of a clone. Seeds can be guaranteed pure, so there is no worry of spreading harmful diseases to other plants or wasting your time on a plant that is doomed to failure due to pests and other problems that can arise when using clones.

First generation cannabis seeds are stronger and more fruitful than any clones on the market. Later generations tend to lose their power, but any reliable seed bank will offer first generation seeds for multiple types of hybrids. It is a small cost to use F1 seeds every time you grow. This is just one of the major perks that clone distributors can never offer.
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What You Can Expect When Planting Cannabis Clones
Clones have there purpose, but a serious grower understands the benefit of using real seeds. Cannabis clones have a shorter harvest time, due to the fact that they begin at a later stage of development. However, clones do not grow as tall or produce as much cannabis as first generation cannabis seeds purchased from a seed bank.

A clone can be grown into a mother plant and used to create other clones at no extra cost, but when compared to the quality of the harvest, this is hardly an advantage. Clones can bring a lot of problems into your home. Many of them are bred with diseases that do not show until it is too late. By then, you will have wasted an entire harvest on a plant that dies or grows weak before it produces any valuable cannabis. You may know exactly what type of plant you can expect from a clone, but you can never be sure what unseen problems will arise. From diseases to the spreading of pests, clones are a risky venture for any new grower.
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Other inheritable cannabis clone problems include fungus, rotting of the roots and even bacteria that can ravage a garden. Clones may seem like an easy way to grow, but every clone is a potential risk. Not to mention the fact that clones do not respond well to being shipped and transplanted. A cannabis clone may be healthy when it was ordered, but the shipping process can take a serious toll. Most damaged or dying clones take weeks to recover, if they recover at all.

When used correctly, and no problems occur, clones can be very useful. An uninterrupted grow can produce fantastic results. However, those interruptions occur far more frequently than you might expect. It may cost a little more to plant seeds, but you can usually expect a higher quality harvest. It is important to analyze your own skills and knowledge before deciding whether to grow seeds or clones, but there is always room for experimentation when growing cannabis.

When it comes down to it, clones are like the cannabis version of fast food. They can be used to produce much quantity but often little quality.

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