Top 10 Stoner Video Games

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Top 10 Stoner Video Games

Few activities in life are so enjoyable that you can’t put them down for hours. Video games, no matter the platform, capture our attention and imagination. They provide both the happiest and most rage-inducing moments of our lives. Enhance those euphoric feelings with an excellent addition—weed.


Elevate the rollercoaster of emotions—or the heartache of losing to friends—with your favourite herbal treatment. Each of these games can be enjoyed alone for that mellow evening when only a potent indica  will do. Or with mates, when the party vibe is in full effect, and a bong packed with uplifting sativa is making the rounds.


With a game from nearly every genre, there is bound to be one that fits your criteria. All you need to work out is if you have enough weed to get through all ten!


Incredible narration from Stephen Merchant meets captivating gameplay. Taking on the role of a freshly woken test subject, your character, along with the infamous Wheatley, must use a portal gun to escape a unique testing facility. Stoners will rejoice at the simple, yet initially complex task of each testing room. Nothing generates more of a laugh than watching an unassuming bot stuck in a perpetual loop between two portals. The best part? Portal 2 is entirely co-op, so now the unassuming bot is your favourite stoner buddy. Just be sure to roll a few as Portal 2 will keep you playing all the way to the end. “Make life take the lemons back”.

Portal 2 Video Game


In keeping with the theme of narration, The Stanley Parable operates in a similar vein to Portal 2. The critical difference, however, is this game can be completed in a matter of seconds. Before you cry “where is the value in that?”, know that this game can be finished in not one, but dozens of different ways. Trust us when we say that you will need the creative input of some dank bud to discover all endings. If you do find yourself struggling, playing the fun game of taking a toke every time the narrator says “Stanley” will ensure complete euphoria. Just make sure your schedule is clear.

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As a quick preface: While Mario Kart 64 is considered by many to be the pinnacle, several other versions of the game provide just as much joy. The racing sim where boys become men and friends become enemies… Nothing signifies the end of friendship like Princess Peach overtaking you in the last lap after a well-placed power-up. Not only will MK64 bring out your competitive side, the mind-bending style of Rainbow Road perfectly complements strains with a head-focussed high. Again, this game is best enjoyed with mates, so fire up the bong and prepare for war! If you have ever gotten hit by a turtle in Mario Kart right before the chequered flag, you will know what we mean.

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If you want spooks, jump scares, and crazy patients chasing you relentlessly through a mental asylum, then Outlast is the game for you. Let’s be honest, psychological horror games are not everyone’s cup of tea, but with the addition of a few freshly rolled joints, the jump scares are suddenly a lot more manageable. An interesting variation on this game is to swap players every time someone gets caught or killed. It keeps the tension going, and you can even add forfeits like skip a toke if you die, or take an extra hit if you get spotted. Either way, the combination of trippy storyline, supernatural environment, and fresh herb will have your imagination in overdrive.

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Again, any version of these games will provide hours of fun. Especially if you were the one person in your friendship group that shelled out on the entire set of controllers. Guitar, drum kit, bass guitar, microphone, and keyboard (yes, the Rock Band keyboard is a thing). You may find that rhythm, or lack thereof, only gets worse as you get more stoned. This is all part of the challenge—remember you can always lower the difficulty, we won’t tell. If you want a classic stoner/video game anthem, the Halo theme tune is available as a free downloadable song.

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You can play it on Alexa, the Switch, every major console, and it will likely form the basis of some globally dominant AI. Okay, so we are only joking about the AI bit, but Skyrim is everywhere! If you are one of a handful of people in the world that has never played it before, then weed and Skyrim is reminiscent of all your Christmases and birthdays rolled into one. The sweeping landscape, moving soundtrack, and witty dialogue will take you on the ultimate fantasy adventure. Stock up the weed stash, call in sick, and immerse yourself.

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Dark and brooding, Limbo is the perfect complement to a super dank, body-centric indica. The constant battle between light and dark sections set against a backdrop of taxing puzzles will require both focus and determination. The carefully told story more than makes up for any frustration. The reason for an indica rather than a sativa-dominant strain is you will need a clear mind to tackle the game's challenges. This is one of the few games listed that is best enjoyed alone, allowing you to become fully immersed in the atmosphere.

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No gaming list is complete without an 8-bit entry, and Crawl fulfils that requirement perfectly. Featuring local multiplayer, couch-lock is no issue. Taking the role of a fearless hero, you must battle your friends to be crowned the champion. The caveat is when you die, you have the opportunity to become a demon, continuing the battle against your friends. The combat is fast-paced and frantic, while the healthy competition between mates will keep you coming back for more. Add in the fact that you can upgrade your demons into loads of different, equally gruesome varieties and the game becomes a classic addition to any stoner session.

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The title alone should give some indication as to the “tone” of this game. If you are familiar with the South Park universe, then Fractured But Whole will not disappoint. If you are new to the series, prepare to be in constant pain. Let us explain why. South Park delivers laughs right from the word go—so much so, you will be begging for a break just to let your sides recover. High energy and high spirits make fruity sativas ideal when playing South Park. Despite the somewhat obvious humour, the game mechanics are deep and rewarding, so don’t expect to complete this title in one night.

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Purists may argue that the older, more retro Mortal Kombat titles are the must-haves, but the latest edition still does the series proud. Acclaimed for its incredibly detailed and graphic fatalities, victory against friends has never felt so satisfying. Why not up the stakes and hold a mini-tournament? The winner takes the ultimate prize of the collective weed stash from each player. The extreme finishing moves will provide laugh-out-loud moments, and the extraordinary focus from each player will keep the competitive spirit alive. With premium-quality bud on the line, only the strongest will survive.

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