Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Indoor Growing

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Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Indoor Growing

Zambeza offers a variety of great cannabis strains that you can grow indoors and out. However, some varieties are better suited to indoor growing than others. Here are our top 5 cannabis strains to grow indoors!

The last few decades of cannabis cultivation have been defined by operations carried out indoors, away from the prying eyes of others. Aside from discretion, indoor cannabis growing gave birth to new techniques and growing systems to improve yield, speed, and flavour.

While nearly any strain can be grown indoors, some are certainly better suited than others. After all, a 3m-tall landrace sativa will have trouble staying short in a modified cupboard or closet. Luckily, certain strains have been bred and fortified to work extremely well within indoor growing systems. Below are 5 Zambeza strains perfectly suited to your next indoor operation. You’re bound to find at least one that’s right for you!


Critical has long been a favourite among indoor growers. She pairs stable Skunk genetics with a double-dose of Afghani for a strain with consistently reliable growth and extraordinary production. Yet, she is easy and forgiving to mistakes, so she is also a good choice for those with little experience.

Grow Critical XXL in your tent or grow room and she will not get taller than 80–150cm, which makes her easily manageable even in smaller spaces. The only “downside” is that you will likely have to support her branches in the latter stages to help her hold the weight of her buds. Patience is a virtue you won't need, as she matures her buds in a very short 50 days of flowering. Get ready to harvest up to 650g/m² indoors in optimal conditions!

Critical XXL doesn’t just impress with numbers. When you smoke her, you will enjoy a very relaxing physical effect with a hint of cerebral euphoria—all accented by a superb aroma of skunky, sweet, and spicy tones.


AK-47 is another popular strain with legendary status among indoor growers. She is highly cherished for her exceptional yields of extremely potent and aromatic bud. Zambeza Seeds enriched these already great Colombian genetics with those from Afghanistan, Mexico, and Thailand to create Green AK XL. Out comes a spectacular sativa-dominant hybrid that couldn’t be better suited for growing indoors.

Green AK XL can produce as much as 750g/m² in good indoor conditions, and she does it in a very short 55 days of flowering. Remarkably, the strain will nevertheless stay at a very manageable 80–110cm, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a spot for her. She also responds well to all sorts of growing techniques, such as SOG or ScrOG, to help max-out yields.

Once you’ve harvested and properly cured your bags full of juicy Green AK XL buds, get ready for a great cannabis experience. Take a hit, and enjoy a complex and somewhat spicy taste with fruity notes and hints of pine. Her effect starts out in typical sativa fashion, with a nice, clear cerebral buzz that is happy and uplifting. Smoke some more, and she becomes more relaxing, soothing you from head to toe.

Crazy Cookies3-CRAZY COOKIES

Zambeza Seeds took two of the very best indicas and combined them to bring Crazy Cookies to life. The legendary Girl Scout Cookies meets the no-less-iconic OG Kush to give us an indica like no other. Say hello to a crazily potent strain with the famous Cookies flavour and an impressive yield!

Crazy Cookies flexes her indica attributes at every stage, which makes for a very easy and manageable strain to grow. She will not exceed a height of 100cm, making her compact enough that she can really fit anywhere. Plus, she races through flowering in only 55 days. As the girl can yield up to 650g/m² of big buds in an ideal setting, supporting the plant is highly recommended.

When we say “crazily potent”, we certainly mean it. Crazy Cookies scores with a whopping 24% THC, which makes her smoke extraordinarily powerful. You may not need more than a hit or two to enjoy an incredible effect that starts with an uplifting rush, but quickly turns into the deepest bodily relaxation, where you’ll find yourself in Couch-Lock City before you know it. Great with her fantastic effect is her intriguing aroma. She blends spicy and earthy notes with a sweet grape flavour for a balanced experience.

White Widow Haze4-WHITE WIDOW HAZE

Zambeza Seeds took the famous White Widow and enriched her with a dose of potent Haze genetics. Not that the original WW wasn’t potent, far from it, but this extraordinary marriage of genetics takes things to a whole new level. The last remaining bits of indica in the original White Widow have now made way for pure Haze goodness, so you can enjoy an outright spectacular sativa effect!

Hazes are normally not the best indoor strains as they can grow very tall and take a long time to flower. No such problems with White Widow Haze. Indoors, she will stay at a perfect height of 80–110cm. With a flowering time of 65 days, she keeps things reasonable compared to most sativas. Even better, you can look forward to a good yield of up to 550g/m² in optimal conditions.

White Widow Haze delivers a great high that is mainly cerebral, euphoric, and uplifting. This is a nice smoke if you want a boost of creativity for all sorts of activities during the day! A blend of mouth-watering sweet tropical aromas rounds everything out and adds to an unforgettable cannabis experience.


Amnesia Haze XL is yet another spectacular Haze that’s ideal for indoor cultivation. Made from the genetics of the original Amnesia Haze, which is considered one of the most potent Hazes, this girl delivers what sativa lovers wish for: massive potency, a superb high, and amazing flavour!

Growing a Haze indoors can sometimes be a challenge, but this is not the case with Amnesia Haze XL. At a height of 100–130cm, she is still compact enough to fit in most tents. And most growers will agree that the slightly longer wait time (65 days of flowering) is more than worth it. Up to 600g/m² of pure Haze goodness is certainly nothing to shake a stick at!

Thanks in part to 21% THC, Amnesia Haze XL induces a happy, mood-lifting head high that will put a huge smile on your face. To her great sativa effect she adds a wonderfully refreshing aroma that blends lemon citrus tones with subtle spiciness.

Did you find a great strain to grow indoors? If you’re still on the fence and want to check out some more awesome cannabis strains, you can find a good selection of feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds at the Zambeza webshop.