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Critical + Auto

Critical + Auto is, as the name suggests, the autoflowering version of Critical +. The original Critical + being the very first strain to win the Barcelona High Life Cup. Critical + Auto is renowned for its abundant yields, tantalizing tastes and aromas as well as for having a strong mind and body high. It is the result of some selective breeding - the finest example of Critical + has been combined with Ruderalis to create this autoflowering beauty. The original Critical + was the coming together of two very famous strains; Skunk, for its strong tastes and body stone, and Big Bud for its bountiful yields and soaring cerebral high.

The effects that Critical + Auto will induce are very similar to the original Critical +. It takes the user on a pleasant journey through the mind whilst comfortably numbing the body, allowing aches and pains to slip away into nothingness. It is a great all-rounder and is perfect for many situations, like sharing with friends or relaxing after a hard day’s work. The versatility of Critical + Auto makes it a very good potential go-to, everyday smoke. Medical users will enjoy it for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety as well as help combat pain. The THC content is usually around 12%, so it is not too much no handle for a novice and an easy controllable smoke for those a bit more seasoned.

Critical + Auto has a very intriguing taste and aroma. Its Skunk origins come through strong. It has given Critical + Auto a very pungent aroma that can be quite hard to mask, it is a true challenge of a breeders ability to be discreet. The actual aroma and taste are very Skunk like, but with added undertones of fruitiness that make it a refreshing variation for Skunk lovers.

We have seen fit to use Critical + Auto to produce an absolute powerhouse strain here at Zambeza. Using its solid and superior genetics we have crafted White Widow XL Autoflowering. It is a coming together of White Widow and Critical + Auto and it will not leave you disappointed. It has the classic qualities of the famous White Widow XL but with added potency and yields coming across from the Big Bud and Skunk heritage. It is one of our must tries and will go down well with any fan of either of its parents.

Critical + Auto grows to about 85cm in height. It grows with a decent amount of side branches in a wide, open structure. This allows it support a large amount of buds that offer up this strain's generous and highly resinous yield. Critical + Auto is fairly easy to manage and is a viable choice for guerrilla cultivators – those who don’t have the time or space to properly manage their crops and rely on discreet and sometimes out of the way locations. It takes about nine to ten weeks for it to come to its optimal harvesting time – a very reasonable time indeed.

As you can see, Critical + Auto is a good solid strain and an excellent choice for breeders to experiment with – we have certainly enjoyed the results. It offers great yields, fast grow times and a quality high. There is not much to be put off with here, it is a good everyday choice that many seasoned smokers have made their own. It, and any of its hybrids are well worth a try if you get the opportunity.