Cannabis And Snowboarding: A Magic Connection

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Cannabis And Snowboarding: A Magic Connection

Let's take a look at smoking cannabis and snowboarding, and see how to safely and enjoyable combine the two.

Smoking some green in the gondola as you’re going up the mountain, or enjoying a puff after a fun day on the slopes—there’s always been a magic connection between smoking weed and snowboarding. Some even believe that weed had something to do with the invention of the sport, seeing that both cannabis lovers and snowboarders have always been creative folks.


Sure thing, smoking cannabis and snowboarding sounds like a lot of fun! At popular skiing destinations in Colorado and California, smoking weed is now so common that attendants routinely spray air freshener in the gondolas, which are more often than not still wafting with the scents of the last hotboxing session.

Those into sports (and weed) may remember a famous incident that involved pot and snowboarding: Canadian Olympic snowboarder Ross Rebagliati hit headlines after he tested positive for cannabis after winning gold in the snowboarding slalom at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. He was stripped of his title, but the Olympic Committee ultimately gave him his medal back. Rebagliati said that he hadn't smoked weed in almost a year, and that he must have gotten THC in his system from second-hand smoke (yeah, right…). But this wasn’t what convinced the OC to revise their decision: turns out THC wasn’t even on the list of banned substances…

Well, Rebagliati was lucky that time, but is dashing downhill high really a good idea? How can you best enjoy snowboarding while being stoned, and do so safely? What’s the deal with marijuana and snowboarding?



Ask a snowboarder why they enjoy smoking up, and they will list off a whole bunch of reasons. First, of course, it’s all about the fun! After all, people smoke because it boosts their mood, and smoking can make everything even more enjoyable. Overlooking the snow-covered mountains with the sun blazing from a crystal-clear sky, then jumping on your board for some snow-shredding action is already an amazing experience, but it’s outright awesome with weed.

Another beneficial effect of enjoying marijuana on the slopes is that it calms you down and allows you to see things in a more relaxed way. You won’t get all miffed if you need to wait in long lines at the lift, and will take everything in a calmer and cooler way, especially on busy weekends.

But one of the most commonly mentioned reasons why snowboarders like smoking weed, aside from fun, is that cannabis can help reduce soreness that follows strenuous activity.

And this isn’t just some stoner lore; substances like THC and CBD display significant anti-inflammatory activity in research settings, so a nice joint may be just what your aching body needs after a long day of falling on your ass.


Some snowboarders claim that cannabis also helps them master the board better. As cannabis can boost your creativity (and your confidence), this can benefit what the pros call a “free-flowing experience” on the slopes. Those new to snowboarding often struggle to learn the ropes, so to speak; after all, it’s not easy to ride down a mountain with your feet attached to a board. Even the slightest body movement can change the direction of the board, and you first need to figure out how to coordinate everything so you’re actually going where you want to.

Those who smoke weed when boarding say it helps them form a stronger connection between mind and body. On the other hand, there are also those who don’t buy into the idea, arguing that smoking may impair response time instead. Not exactly the best thing when you’re racing down a hill where microseconds matter. We could now debate which side is right, but maybe both are. We could also speculate whether certain cannabis strains might be better suited for such activities than others. Not surprisingly, most snowboarders are indeed very much into sativas, which would give some credence to this theory.

Snowboarding and Cannabis


Well, let’s just start with stating the obvious: Smoking weed won’t magically turn you into a pro snowboarder when you’re a bloody novice. If you’re still learning how to get down the mountain without breaking your bones, we’d advise you to first hone your snowboarding skills a bit before racing down the hills high like a natural-born sled.

Secondly, weed can’t prevent you from falling on your ass, straining your muscles, breaking bones, or worse. So don’t let smoking cloud your judgement and tempt you into doing risky things on the slopes you wouldn’t do sober. While weed can inspire confidence, the strain that turns you invincible still hasn't been created.

Thirdly, when you’re on top of a mountain about to race down on your board, this is not the ideal time to try out a new strain you don’t have experience with. So, if you want to smoke on the slopes, stick to those strains you’re familiar with. Most weed-smoking snowboarders usually bring their fav strain with them so they know what to expect.

Lastly, if you want to snowboard high, you may want to do this on less busy days and, if possible, away from bigger crowds. So don’t be an ass, and keep yourself and others safe.


So, what are the best strains for snowboarding? As previously mentioned, many snowboarders love their sativas, but that doesn’t mean that the occassional indica hybrid couldn't make for some fun time in the snow. Here are our recommended “snowboarder cannabis seeds” for you to try:


NYC Diesel from Zambeza Seeds is a fab strain to ride with—perfect for snowboarding and other fun activities. Named after the city we all know never sleeps, this sativa gives you just the right energetic and uplifting boost, but also has a relaxing and calming effect. With 19% THC, she’s quite potent, but not “knockout” strong. She also scores with a unique aroma that blends bitter lemon with a fresh, sweet flavour and a slightly petrol-like finish. Definitely pack this one when heading to the slopes!


Amnesia Haze XL is another mind-blowing sativa that will bring your snowboarding experience to a whole new level! Long a favourite in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam (where, as we're told, it's really, really flat), this XL girl is famous for her uplifting effects. She induces euphoric feelings that will have you running around with a smile plastered on your face all day. Best enjoyed with your boarding buddies, this potent strain is backed by 21% THC. Despite her potency, her smoke is very pleasant and features flavour notes of lemon citrus and hints of spice.


As an indica-dominant hybrid, bred from an OG Kush and the tasty Bubble Gum, OG Bubble Gum will keep things more relaxed than our previously mentioned sativa ladies. With a more narcotic body high—courtesy of her indica roots—she’s perhaps not the best strain to smoke right before jumping on your board, but she is the perfect chiller to take out at the end of the day. Her flavour mixes incense spices with sweet berry notes, so she’s pretty much like having a high-class culinary experience at a fancy restaurant. Just perfect to conclude an awesome day on the slopes!


Keep in mind that riding high may not be for everyone. Be safe and responsible when smoking during your snowboarding adventures, and mind others around you. And most importantly, have fun!