Which Cannabis Strain Is Best For Me?

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Which Cannabis Strain Is Best For Me?

Picking the perfect cannabis strain is not an easy task. With thousands to choose from and subtle differences between them, no two strains are exactly the same. Keep reading for a simple guide to narrowing down your choices, and a list of strains to get you started—no matter your circumstances.


The beauty of cannabis is that no two strains are the same. By strains, we mean the thousands of different cannabis cultivars that exist. Fortunately for cannabis lovers, the plant is dioecious—there are male and female varieties. When a male plant fertilises the female, the offspring will have a 50/50 split of both parents' genetics. For breeders, it is possible to capture the dank flavours of a male and the uplifting high of a female, for example, to create a new strain that features both characteristics.

While this dioecious mechanism is intended to protect the cannabis species from disease and pathogens in the wild, it gives weed-lovers a nearly infinite catalogue of different strains to try. Every strain of cannabis will have a slightly different flavour, aroma, growing attributes, and, most importantly, varied physiological effects. There is, however, a downside to all this choice—how do you decide which strain is the best one for you?


Picking the right cannabis strain may feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but here are some useful pointers to consider.

• THC or CBD?

Before we delve into the complexity of strain characteristics, ask yourself one simple question—do you want to smoke weed to get high? If the answer is yes, strains featuring THC are the obvious choice. If the answer is no, don't worry—you can still smoke cannabis! Instead of THC, your focus will be on strains that feature high concentrations of CBD, the non-psychotropic counterpart to THC.

Although many people who use cannabis medicinally like to smoke or vape high-CBD strains, THC has significant therapeutic properties of its own. Here, it depends on what condition you’re trying to soothe, and how your body responds to cannabis.

• Indica or sativa

The second question to ask yourself should be—indica or sativa? Generally speaking, most strains will be either indica- or sativa-dominant. The former tends to have a more substantial body-centric effect, while the latter induces creativity, euphoria, and an uplifting sensation. If you want to take the safe option, hybrids (some of which contain 50% indica and 50% sativa) are also a sensible choice—they feature elements of both strain types.

A final note on the indica–sativa dichotomy—the characteristics listed above are not set in stone. The diversity of cannabis, your own interaction with the herb, and the way it is consumed can all influence how a strain makes you feel. Use the guide above as a loose framework for narrowing down your strain choices. After all, a predominantly indica strain can induce an uplifting sensation, while a sativa can still chill you out.

• Flavour

When picking the right strain, it is easy to get super technical, contemplating possible terpene combinations and the like. To keep things simple, think of your preferred flavours. Do you have a sweet tooth, or are dank undertones more your style?

No matter how amazing a strain sounds, if you don't enjoy smoking or vaping it, then the effects are irrelevant. Narrow down your choice to strains that have a flavour you'll enjoy, and the overall experience magnifies tenfold.


With a brief overview of the factors to consider listed above, it's time to jump into a selection of Zambeza's finest. For each strain, you'll find a quick synopsis of its characteristics, in addition to why it may be useful for the situations outlined.


Finding the right strain for anxiety can be challenging. Some users report that high-THC strains make symptoms worse, while others favour an intense high for soothing the mind and body. To find what works for you, start slow—no matter which strain you choose. There are no guarantees with the medicinal properties of cannabis, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find a strain that works for you.

Power Kush

A high-THC strain (20%) that delivers predominantly spicy, sour aromas with a delicate hint of sweetness. The potency of Power Kush lends itself to a robust stoned feeling and intense relaxation. Best used on a day off, or a quiet evening after work.

OG Bubble Gum

Wild berries, lemon, and hints of aromatic spices complete the flavour profile of OG Bubble Gum. Mainly indica, its high is replicative of the generalisations listed above—happy, relaxed, and body-centric.

Northern Lights XL

Northern Lights XL benefits from the lemon flavours of the terpene limonene. Limonene has shown the potential to reduce feelings of anxiety by boosting mood. Best to start slow as Northern Lights XL boasts 19% THC.

Jack the Ripper Auto

If clearing your mind of stress and anxiety is your main priority, then Jack the Ripper is a solid choice. Sativa-dominant, the high is uplifting without dampening productivity—ideal before a morning run.


Using cannabis to help with depression is just as challenging as choosing a strain to reduce anxiety. A suitable strain will depend entirely on you as a person. If in doubt, start low and slow to see how you feel, especially when trying a new strain.

Amnesia Haze XL

Offering an incredibly potent, euphoric high, Amnesia Haze XL has the potential to banish even the most stubborn of negative thoughts. Refreshing citrus tones complement the uplifting high to leave you feeling mentally refreshed.

Crazy Cookies

Crazy Cookies is infamous for its couch-locking ability, soothing physical aches and pains. If you need time to take stock, Crazy Cookies is the girl for you. Just make sure you have a clear schedule—you won't be going anywhere.

Pineapple Express

If you have a love for sweet-tasting cannabis, Pineapple Express won't disappoint. She starts with a mildly euphoric high before enveloping the body in a calming, indica-dominant embrace.

Blue Brilliant

For those days when you don't feel like doing anything, Blue Brilliant is here to banish idle thoughts. Focussed firmly on the mind, she can boost creativity and productivity by inspiring motivation.


Chronic pain is a debilitating condition, but you needn't suffer in silence. Cannabis has the potential to help soothe constant pain and calm aching muscles.

White Widow XL

White Widow XL is a Dutch classic that makes use of 18% THC and mild concentrations of CBD. This effective combination delivers a powerful stoned effect that helps numb pain from head to toe.

Northern Lights XL

Northern Lights XL gains a second nomination, this time for battling the symptoms of chronic pain. Typical indica attributes deliver a heavy body-high, perfect for trying to relax after a long day of physical activity.


A good night's sleep is crucial for the body to repair and recharge. Fortunately, cannabis can help you ease off to the land of nod, without leaving you feeling lethargic the next morning.

Crazy Cookies

The extreme potency of Crazy Cookies (up to 24% THC) makes it a powerful ally for a restful sleep. A few joints before bed will knock even the most resistant mind into a peaceful slumber.

Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is a unique indica-dominant strain that has more in common with a balanced hybrid. Lemon and mint aromas help clear the mind, while the narcotic high gets to work on the body—superb for unwinding before bed.

Northern Lights XL

The third and final nomination for Northern Lights XL comes as no surprise. The hard-hitting, body-centric high is ideally suited as an aid for helping you get to sleep.


Don't worry; we haven't forgotten that, besides its fantastic medicinal potential, cannabis is excellent at making us laugh and have a good time. Alone or with friends, laughter can not only help burn a few calories, but support our ability to process emotional and physical stress.

Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush and a comedy box set go together better than the iconic Cheech and Chong. The intensely fruity flavours (with a hint of spice) spark the imagination, letting you relax in euphoric bliss.

NYC Diesel

Guaranteed to lift the mood, NYC Diesel will transform a mild smirk to full-on belly laughing. Playing to her sativa strengths, she supercharges the mind with a delicate sweetness and a touch of diesel.


Whether you live for the weekend or like to party hard on a school-night, cannabis is your greatest ally. It can ignite laughter, energy, and give you the confidence to hit the dancefloor.

Choco Candy

21% THC, intense chocolate flavour, and a high that inspires courage, positive feelings, and a lust for new experiences—Choco Candy is the party planner you didn't know you needed.

Rocket Banana

If you prefer to keep your parties local, and favour a gathering with friends over hitting the town, packing a bowl with Rocket Banana will make you the host with the most. American genetics, super-high THC levels, and bold flavours make Rocket Banana stand out from the crowd.