Guerilla Marijuana Growing for Beginners

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Guerilla Marijuana Growing for Beginners

When growing marijuana, there are a myriad of different methods that you can utilize in order to do so. One of the more popular forms of marijuana growing is through Guerrilla growing.

The following will provide an in-depth look at what Guerrilla growing is and tips on how to do so for beginners.

What guerilla growing refers to

In essence, Guerrilla marijuana growing refers to the act of planting and growing cannabis plants in public places, such as secluded wooded areas or somewhere else in nature. This way, you won't have to grow them within your own garden and risk being caught.

Guerilla Cannabis Growing

beginner tips for guerilla marijuana growing

The first tip for Guerrilla marijuana growing is to pick the perfect spot to grow the plants in. These plants need water, so you're going to want to find an area that is situated nearby some source of water, such as a creek or a river. Make sure that the area you've chosen is secluded from most workers and regular people that may also be using the area. For instance, if you choose to plant and grow your cannabis in a wooded area, make sure to do so away from any trails within the woods. This way, it is much more likely that no one will happen upon your plants.


The next step in this process is to make sure that your plants are able to be cultivated correctly in order to grow to their fullest potential. To get the most from a single plant, it is recommended that you begin with your seeds during the wintertime and indoors. During this time, you will need a grow light to help the seeds to sprout early to where you can then plant them in the spot you've chosen. Doing this will get you more marijuana per cannabis plant. You don't want to place your cannabis plants into the spot outdoors until the spring season has arrived.
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Once you've placed your cannabis plants into separate deep holes, it's recommended that you start out by watering them until the soil is extremely moist. It is at this time that you will want to make sure your plants stay protected when you're away. To do so, try using some pest control around the immediate area. Your plants should get enough water. As such, if it hasn't rained for at least a week, this is a sign that you will need to do it yourself. While the summer is essential for the watering of the plants, the fall season is meant for the plants to be dry, which is why it's important to make sure your plants don't get too much water as it could lead to bud rot. Once you have accomplished all of this, it is time to pick your plants out of the ground and put them to use. The suggested time for this is very early in the morning when you can be sure that no one is around.