How To Intensify Your Cannabis High

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How To Intensify Your Cannabis High

If you have ever wanted to increase the effectiveness of cannabis, then give one (or all) of these methods a try. They are cheap, easy, and will give your next marijuana session a turbo-boost.


There are a number of ways to intensify your cannabis high. Unlike other drugs, cannabis tends to have an effectiveness ceiling. Whereas with alcohol, for example, the more you drink the drunker you get, cannabis has a more obvious inebriation limit. Consuming more and more weed to get higher and higher tends to be counterproductive. Once you hit the sweet spot, there’s nowhere else to go except probably to sleep, wasting a good high and good cannabis in the process.

Trying one of these techniques will augment the effectiveness of marijuana and give you more bounce per ounce.


Mangoes can boost the effectiveness of cannabis and are also great for your general well-being. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, beneficial enzymes, and fibre. This impressive list of attributes reputedly makes them effective in combating breast and colon cancer, leukaemia, and prostate cancer. The enzymes help smooth the skin and alleviate digestive problems to boot.

Most importantly, mangoes have a number of terpenes that give them their sensational aroma and flavour. Myrcene, a terpene commonly present in cannabis, exists in large amounts in mangoes. Terpenes enter the bloodstream quickly and prime your body and brain for a rapid and more effective uptake of THC. Eat a mango a day for health and a more fruitful and potent high.


The body builds up familiarity when the same strain is used all the time. What can blow you away at the start of the week may not be as impressive by the weekend. Counterintuitively, swapping to a completely different strain with a lower THC percentage can produce a more intense feeling than a higher THC strain that has been used regularly for more than a few days.

The effects of cannabis are caused by the subtle interplay of hundreds of compounds. THC, CBD, CBN, and over eighty other cannabinoids, as well as an impressive menu of terpenes, all interact to get you high. Alternating strains regularly keeps your brain stimulated with novel combinations of active compounds.


THC is a fatty acid that has similar effects to the body’s natural bliss compound anandamide. Anandamide is an endocannabinoid and fatty acid neurotransmitter synthesised by the body from omega-6 essential fatty acids. Cannabinoids also trigger anti-inflammatory and immune responses in the human body.

Omega-6 is abundant in fish, eggs, nuts, and most interestingly, in cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Consumption of these foodstuffs before or during cannabis use may enhance the efficiency of THC, while reducing inflammation in the process.


Not only does dark chocolate (the darker the better) contain beneficial antioxidants, eating dark chocolate can boost the effects of marijuana. There is a good scientific reason behind why this happens.

The main constituent of chocolate is cacao, which slows the time it takes for anandamide to break down. The more time anandamide is present in the brain, the longer feelings of bliss last. This has the effect of making the cannabis high and general sense of well-being seem to last longer.



Experiment. Find the strains that are right for you. The right strain plays a key role in keeping you high. It will take a significant amount of very enjoyable trial and error, but that’s half the fun. The highest THC strains might not necessarily be what you enjoy the most.

Indica strains are very relaxing, carry their own unique euphoria, and can have significant therapeutic value. Sativas are renowned for their cerebral lift and energising effects. Hybrids can display the best of both worlds. Many medicinal strains have a high CBD content, producing an “entourage effect” or chemical synergy that could be what you desire. With thousands of high-quality strains available, it is best to be inquisitive and patient.


THC in edibles is metabolised differently by the body. Once the liver has gone to work on it, the compound 11-hydroxy-THC is produced. It can be 25–300% stronger than the THC absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lungs.

Not only is it more intense, the effect caused by edibles tends to last longer. It is wise to go easy when first venturing into the world of edibles. Wait a while first before deciding to have more as the delay in effect is at least 30 minutes. Many a novice eater has wound up in the foetal position, “tripping” for hours.


Physical fitness has myriad benefits on the body and brain. Clearer thinking, greater stamina, better sleep, and lower chances of chronic disease are all perks of being fit.

Exercising before using cannabis has been shown to increase THC level in marijuana users. A study by the University of Sydney showed that 35 minutes of cardio activity boosted the THC level by 15% in plasma of regular users. Hitting the gym before hitting the pipe seems like a good idea. Live longer and get higher.


When weed alone isn’t rocking your world anymore, even after trying some of these techniques, concentrates are your next best bet.

Vaping or dabbing concentrates like honey oil, wax, or good old Moroccan-style hash induces a multiplied rush and high. Include concentrate in a joint or add some atop the green in your bowl before ripping a bong. Adding concentrates is a guaranteed way to achieve a soaring high that will knock back even the most seasoned of stoner.