How To Make A Joint Last Longer And Burn Slow

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How To Make A Joint Last Longer And Burn Slow

If you are looking to slow down that fast burning joint for a long-lasting experience, look no further, here we describe how to roll slow burning joints.

Great joint rolling skills are a valuable asset to carry in one's portfolio. Rolling joints that have an ultimate burning rate will ensure a nice and even smoke that is universally desirable. Of course everybody has their own preferences, but if you want to craft an exquisite long-lasting joint, then keep on reading.


Using professionally cured buds helps to ensure that the burning rate of the joint is optimal. Humid buds that didn’t experience ultimate curing techniques, will slow down the burning rate, but it will not be an enjoyable smoke because the quality of the ganja will be awful. Old and dried out buds will burn very fast and obstruct your desired experience. Therefore make sure that the quality of the ganja you grow or purchase has “dank” written all over it. If you are rolling pure joints, that’s great. But if you prefer to add tobacco, make sure that’s it's also relatively dry.


Papers come in all shapes and sizes, they can be thick, thin, long, short, made from different materials, differ in additives and glue substances. Contrary to many beliefs, thinner papers burn slower than thick ones, so if you want to slow down that joint, that’s the way to go. Manufacturers create smoking papers which are made for longer lasting experiences, papers such as RAW and Elements are very popular amongst fellow cannabis enthusiasts. So roll some nice OG Bubble Gum with a decent slow-burning paper and fire away. Adding an extra layer of paper will extend the joints life and prevent the undesired sideburns. If you don’t mind adding some extra paper on your joint, give it a go.

Zambeza Rolling papers and tips


Evenly grinded buds will provide the ganja connoisseur with an even smoke. Quality grinders will crumble buds into small pieces with ease. Cheap grinders can make the crumbles uneven and the center of the grinder might not even grind, so find some quality grinders and add them to your collection. Next time you grind your Northern Lights XL make sure to grind it like a boss.


If you want to slow down the burn rate of a joint, make sure to pack it evenly and tight, this will create a masterfully long lasting joint. Just make sure that it’s not too tight, because it might be hard to smoke due to lack of airflow, and you might produce some weird and undesired facial expressions.


You can glaze the papers of the joints with ganja wax which will slow down the burn rate of the joint and provide a nice cannabinoid boost into your system. It can be either glazed on the inside before rolling or glazed on the outer surface once the joint has been crafted. Some smokers also like to sprinkle ganja on top of the glazed joint to get an extra boost. You can also do the same with honey, it slows down the burn rate and gives a nice honey taste.


All ganja tokers roll joints in their own way and have their own preferences, but in most cases slow burning joints that taste delicious, and provide the body with lovely cannabinoid and THC magic, is the desired outcome that we can all share. So roll one, smoke one, share it, and enjoy!