Top 10 Classic Cannabis Strains To Try

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Top 10 Classic Cannabis Strains To Try

Cannabis lovers know that you can’t go wrong with a classic cannabis strain. Here is our list of 10 fantastic classic cannabis strains that you need to check out!

“Classics never go out of style” — nowhere else is this more true than when it comes to good cannabis! Although ganja lovers these days can choose from a plethora of strains, the classic stoner favourites are still as great today as they were when they first burst out on the scene. Here are 10 of the best classic cannabis strains for you to try.


Super Silver Haze, one of the best and most potent sativas of all time, is still a coffeeshop favourite in the Netherlands. No doubt, this strain didn’t earn her legendary status for nothing; cannabis aficionados appreciate her spectacular cerebral high and smooth taste. Zambeza Seeds took this classic and paired her with another favourite, the world-famous Blueberry.

Out comes a fantastic sativa-dominant strain that breeders fittingly named Blue Brilliant, as the plant is truly magnificent when she shows off her wonderful blue hues during bloom. She doesn’t just look gorgeous, but also makes a great impression when you smoke her. Blue Brilliant has kept the amazing heady high from the SSH, so you’re in for some uplifting and giggly times with this lady as your companion. And with a fruity-fresh flavour to die for (courtesy of Blueberry), what’s not to love? Expect excellent yields of up to 600g/m² indoors, and about the same but per plant outdoors after just 65 days of flowering!


Jack the Ripper Autoflowering may have a scary name, but you shouldn’t let this dissuade you from giving this amazing sativa a try. Her name is a play on a true cannabis classic, the legendary Jack Herer, which itself is a renowned sativa named after the cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Zambeza Seeds added “autoflower magic” to this popular strain, making her ideal for those who love a strong sativa high, but enjoy the convenience and short life cycle of autoflowers. All you need to do is plant your seed, and the compact plant will reward you with her juicy harvest just 60–70 days later. You will be able to get as much as 350g/m² indoors and about 130g/plant if you grow her outside—enough for plenty of amazing bong rips where you can enjoy her soaring and uplifting high!


Only those cannabis lovers who have spent the last few decades under a rock aren’t familiar with the seminal cannabis classic, the world-famous White Widow. Everyone else who loves good weed sure knows (and loves!) this strain, thanks to her extreme potency, awesome taste, and thick covering of aromatic resin. Zambeza Seeds, however, did something outright crazy; we took this already spectacular lady and paired her with a powerful Haze for even more potency!

Out comes White Widow Haze, a remarkable sativa-dominant strain with a high that is now more cerebral, happy, and euphoric thanks to her Haze genetics. For a sativa, her flowering time of 65 days is also decently short. By the time bloom comes to an end, she can yield you as much as 550g/m² indoors. Grow her outdoors, and she reaches a height of 300cm where she will reward you with up to 700g of crazy-potent sativa goodness per plant.


Just say “Northern Lights”, and you will instantly grab the attention of cannabis lovers! This is because the classic indica has it all, from her amazing old-school flavour to her deeply relaxing indica stone. But this lady isn’t just an all-time favourite among cannabis smokers, she’s also a top fav among cultivators who appreciate her excellent yields, reliable growth, and short flowering phase of around 60 days. As if that wasn’t already good enough (after all, Northern Lights is one of the staples of indoor growing), Zambeza went all out in hopes of improving the strain even more! In case you’re wondering, the “XL” in Northern Lights XL refers to the Afghani goodness we added to maker her even easier to grow, more powerful, and with even bigger yields!

Smoke her, and Northern Lights XL’s blend of sweet and citrusy aromas will take you back to the good old days. Her 19% THC content ensures that you will be stoned in no time. Grow her, and you can see monster yields of up to 750g/m² indoors and about 600g/plant outdoors. Bonus: she’s so easy to grow that she also makes a great candidate for new and inexperienced growers!


There is no way to talk about classic cannabis strains without mentioning the original Skunk, which many consider to be one of the most iconic strains ever. After it, it has formed the foundation for legions of subsequent hybrids. The elusive mix of cannabis genetics, made up of Afghani, Colombian, and Mexican, appeared on the scene sometime in the ‘60s or ‘70s. Ever since, the strain has delighted growers, and she has become a synonym for high yields, simplicity, and reliability. The hybrid is also prime when it comes to flavour and potency. Connoisseurs love her pungent smoke and trademark “skunky” flavour, and they cherish her high that is relaxing, yet cerebral and euphoric.

Zambeza’s Skunk won’t disappoint when you grow her. You can raise this immensely robust and always reliable strain in practically any environment, using all kinds of growing techniques. Just make sure you have an air filtration system in place as the girl will get extremely fragrant when she enters flowering. Indoors, you can achieve as much as 600g/m², and about the same but per plant outdoors. The uncomplicated Skunk also performs well in the less-than-ideal colder climate zones of Europe.


It would be an understatement to call Amnesia Haze just another “classic” cannabis strain. Considered the mother of all potent Haze strains, you can find this girl’s superb genetics in many modern Haze hybrids. Even the original Amnesia Haze is still selling like crazy in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, giving veracity to the old sayings about classics and their lasting impact. There are many good reasons why she is still a favourite among cannabis lovers. She is crazy-potent (not surprising with 21% THC), inducing a happy, uplifting, and euphoric high that you simply can’t get from any other strain. She blends lemon tones with hints of spice to give you the classic Haze taste that is pleasant and refreshing.

Zambeza Seeds’ Amnesia Haze XL isn’t necessarily a strain for those new to growing, as Hazes can take their time with flowering, and can also be somewhat picky when it comes to care. On the plus side, she doesn’t get as tall as some other sativas, so she’s easy to keep under control, even indoors where she only reaches a height of 130cm. Those growing Amnesia Haze XL can expect massive yields of up to 600g/m² indoors and 700g/plant if they grow her outside. When you finally put a light to her well-cured sativa buds, you will know why cultivators don’t really mind the slightly longer wait time. As they say, “good things come to those who wait”...


Lemon Kush unites not just two, but three classic cannabis strains into one outstanding indica. Zambeza Seeds combined Chemdawg, a potent strain loved for her diesel taste, with Lemon Thai sativa and a pure indica Pakistani Kush. With genetics coming from all over the world, this girl boasts a moreish taste and robust structure. Out comes a fabulous indica-dominant hybrid that shines with fresh, citrusy, and spicy flavours. Boasting massive resin production potential passed down from her Kush parent, she is also ideal for those who want to make hash and concentrates. Although her effect is mainly Kush-like—as she treats you to an extremely relaxing stone with just a few hits—the experience is also heady, uplifting, and happy thanks to the Chemdawg and Lemon Thai.

You can grow Zambeza Seeds’ Lemon Kush everywhere, indoors or outdoors. She is easy to manage and can be handled by novices. After a short flowering time of 55 days, she produces as much as 500g/m² indoors and up to 550g/plant outdoors.


Critical XXL by Zambeza Seeds blends together two legendary cannabis into an equally formidable indica hybrid. The proven qualities of Skunk and Afghani are expressed to their full degree in this strain, ensuring a plant with monster yields that is also very easy to grow. Growers have reported yields of up to 650g/m² indoors, and even larger yields outdoors where the plant can get as tall as 2.3 metres if you let her. There is just one “downside” to her massive yields: make sure that you support the lady so she can carry her heavy load as she matures it for you.

Zambeza’s Critical XXL really flaunts her indica side, thanks to the double-dose of Afghani genetics used to make her. And not surprisingly given her heritage, she pleases with an incredibly relaxing indica stone with just a slight “cerebral zing” from what remains of the sativa on her Skunk side. Her old-school blend of flavours—skunky, sweet, and spicy—round out this very satisfying smoking experience.


Zambeza Seeds’ own White Cheese is a great indica with Super Skunk and Afghani genetics. She is enjoyed by many for her skunky cheese aroma and for her relaxing high that is not too overwhelming. Zambeza has refined their White Cheese even more, and what strain is more up to the job than the equally delectable Blueberry? Say hello to Blueberry Cheese, a strain that adds fruity flavour to the already great-tasting White Cheese. Cheese and berries, what a combo! But Zambeza was also able to improve her yields. After about 60 days of flowering, Blueberry Cheese can yield as much as 450g/m² indoors. Grow her outside in sunny conditions, and you can expect as much as 500g/plant.

Smoking Blueberry Cheese is pure joy as she delivers a strong effect that is very relaxing and physical, but will gradually turn into a happy head buzz as you’re smoking along. This makes Blueberry Cheese a perfect mood-lifter that you can enjoy without getting too stoned.BUY BLUEBERRY CHEESE


The good old OG Kush is another classic strain that absolutely needs to be included in any list of classic cannabis strains. For Zambeza Seeds’ OG Bubble Gum, the popular West Coast OG has teamed up with another classic, the legendary Bubble Gum, where both offer up their premium genetics to create this remarkable strain.
The result is a highly potent indica that truly shines with a host of great flavours and excellent aromatic performance: the candy-like notes of wild berries meet the slightly sour lemon flavours of the OG, all accentuated by subtle incense. A dream even for very spoiled connoisseurs! Her effect is very relaxing and mainly physical, but there is also a nice happy and uplifting note to her high. She has a rather short flowering time of 55 days, after which she churns out up to 600g/m² of aromatic flowers indoors, and about 650g/plant outdoors.