Moonrocks Vs Sunrocks - Too Potent?

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Moonrocks Vs Sunrocks - Too Potent?

Moonrocks and Sunrocks are the latest uber-potent cannabis products to come on the scene. These next-gen cocktails of bud, oil, and kief have taken potency to out-of-this-world levels. It’s time to investigate what makes them so dank, and if they really are just too powerful for ordinary decent stoners.


Let’s begin with the Moonrock. This is a cannabis cocktail of bud, hash oil, and kief. A couple of years ago, Kurupt’s Moonrocks were grabbing all the ganja headlines. The world had never seen such dank delights with above 50% THC levels. And bursting with flavour to boot. These otherworldly looking nugs were both visually stunning and synergised three cannabis products into one.

The recipe for a Moonrock is a nice frosty bud dipped in BHO and topped with a coating of kief. In California, the original bud of choice was Girl Scout Cookies. The extracts layered on top were really just the icing on the cannabis cake. The hash oil and the kief were not necessarily the highest-grade toppings. Looks often trumped quality. You really couldn’t tell what you were buying in the dispensary until you took it home for a toke.

Some less scrupulous cannabis retailers seized the opportunity to dope up lesser buds and get rid of substandard extracts and crystals in one fell swoop. Worse, the customer was paying a premium price for the tarted-up questionable final product. Sure, many reputable dispensaries guaranteed top-shelf bud and superior extracts were the only ingredients used, but who can you trust these days? You really couldn’t be certain at the moment of purchase if you were really getting a cannabis product with up to 60% THC content, or just space junk.


Unlike a dusty looking Moonrock, a Sunrock positively sparkles. However, the ingredients for both are pretty much identical on paper. The recipe for a Sunrock is a top-shelf nug drizzled in rosin and then coated with kief. Upgrading from dark BHO to the honey-like rosin is what helps to give a Sunrock its unique glow and takes the potency further into outer space. The finest Sunrocks from Apollo Sunrocks and Big Tay Dee boast a phenomenal 80% THC.

Visually, a Sunrock is even more impressive than a Moonrock. Moreover, the leap forward in potency has even made legendary stoners like Snoop Dogg wary of them.


Essentially, a Sunrock is a premium-grade Moonrock. OG Kush is the flower of choice, and high-grade rosin and organic kief are the preferred top coatings. While both are luxury priced products, a Sunrock will set you back at least $25 per gram as compared to the typical $15–20 per gram for a Moonrock. If you want that extra 20% bump in THC, you are gonna have to fork over more.

Whether you decide to blaze a Moonrock or a Sunrock, it’s best to break a piece off with your fingers and take a blast from a pipe or a bong. Neither one is grinder friendly. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy a Moonrock or a Sunrock in a roll-up, sprinkle some of these THC meteorites in sparingly on top of some flower.

Moonrocks Vs Sunrocks - Too Potent?


As you might have guessed, Moonrocks and Sunrocks are strictly for the fearless fire-breathers. These babies will literally blow the occasional toker’s head off. Such cannabis triple treats are more potent than most shatter and wax hits that even seasoned dabbers have dabbled with. The interstellar effects come on strong and fast. Only those with a high tolerance will enjoy the outer space experience. Maybe you can handle the intense high from a well-crafted Moonrock, but Sunrocks are uncharted dank territory—strictly for connoisseur cannanauts.