The Art Of Hotboxing

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The Art Of Hotboxing

Rumour has it that the art of hotboxing gets you higher. But is it just a myth? As it turns out, it might not be.

Hotboxing: Your friends have probably asked you to try it once or twice, and you've likely heard that it'll get you super-duper blazed. But have you tried it? And are the rumours true, can hotboxing actually get you higher? The answer may or may not surprise you. Let's explore the art of hotboxing, shall we?


The art of hotboxing is far from complicated. It involves smoking weed in a small, confined area without any real ventilation. Aside from the inside of your (parked) car, you can hotbox the bathroom, a closet, tent, or virtually any tight space. The smaller the room, the better. And the less ganja you'll need to sacrifice.

As for what happens while hotboxing, expect lots and lots of smoke. So much smoke, in fact, that you won't be able to see any further than ten centimetres away from your face. But that's the beauty of it. You bask in clouds of smoke, and you get really, really high—or so they say anyway.

At the same time, you get to socialise. Although you're welcome to do it alone, hotboxing is best done with your fellow stoner buddies; and the more, the merrier. Picture it like this. Everyone has some smoke to contribute, which is exhaled into the limited space at once, or soon after the other. So naturally, the larger the smoke circle, the less time it takes to transform an ordinary room into a stoner's oasis.


Hotboxing, in theory, sounds like the perfect activity for any smoker. “But does it work?" is the real question here. Some might tell you that it's nonsense and that the excess smoke won’t get you more baked. But the truth is, it can, and science proves it.

Back in 2015, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conducted a study to find out once and for all if the art of hotboxing is everything it's said to be. Sure enough, they discovered that it's no myth. Hotboxing genuinely does get you higher, but only if you do it the right way.

Again, hotboxing involves a cramped area filled top to bottom and side to side with marijuana smoke. Also, there has to be a lack of oxygen, or else you're wasting your weed and your time. As long as you're covered in all areas, hotboxing will indeed result in an out-of-this-world high—one that makes you feel as if your head is in another dimension entirely.


To state the obvious danger surrounding hotboxing, due to a lack of oxygen, it is not something you want to do for prolonged periods of time as the human body thrives on O₂. Without it, you cannot breathe, and your brain will eventually starve to death, meaning no more hotbox sessions for you. Or anything else for that matter. But if you participate for as much time as what's needed to hotbox and leave it at that, you'll be more than alright.

Since we're on the subject of time, it's worth noting that there are a variety of consumption methods that can cut back on how long it takes to hotbox a room. Bongs and steamrollers are known for producing high volumes of smoke. So if you want to get the area nice and smoky in a hurry, using devices like those can help.

Blunts and joints are even better for hotboxing in a jiffy. Even when you're not taking your hit, a joint or blunt will continuously release smoke into the air, so you could say they're less work to boot. There is no wrong way to hotbox when it comes to what you smoke out of, so feel free to get creative with it.

The Art Of Hotboxing


Hotboxing, speaking of creativity, is yet another unique way to enjoy your favourite herb. Aside from being able to switch up the devices used for smoking, you can choose the location as well, and change it up when you get bored. But that's not all.

Provided that you don't announce it on Facebook or your other social media accounts, hotboxing keeps your cannabis consumption on the down-low. It sure beats a blunt route around town or attempting to smoke in public in general, especially if you live in a state where it's illegal—or you don't want a particular crowd to know what you enjoy doing behind closed doors.

The best part of all? Hotboxing is downright fun. Nothing beats getting all high and giggly with your pals while continually inhaling gulps of sweet, sweet weed smoke. Throw on some proper stoner anthems, gather some snacks, dress comfortably for the occasion, and you've got yourself a party. Just don't forget where the exit is and do excuse yourself when things get too lit. More importantly, close the door on your way out.