The Best Ways To Hide The Smell Of Your Weed

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The Best Ways To Hide The Smell Of Your Weed

Cannabis smells amazing. Although sometimes it's necessary to cover that smell. Allow this blog to be your guiding light to achieving low-odour cannabis endeavours.

Marijuana has a very distinct smell that can be recognised from miles away. The number one reason people get caught smoking some superb Kush is due to the aromatic fragrances emanated from the herb. If you’ve ever entered a stoner den—a friend's apartment where everybody smokes inside 24/7, the pungent cannabis perfume will smack you right in the face. We decided to dedicate this blog to helping you cover and prevent that infamous weed stank.


First, let’s cover the actual smell generated from consuming marijuana. The method that generates the maximum amount of stank is smoking. When we exhale smoke into the atmosphere, cannabis compounds float around in the air, entering the nostrils of every passerby.

Also, smoke is quite thick and easily absorbed by porous materials. The best method to consume cannabis without the stank being so evident is to ingest edibles or tinctures—basically any cannabis product that doesn’t release a smelly byproduct. Just consider that the process of making edibles can generate a substantial amount of cannabis stank too. Although, the scent released when cooking with weed is not as recognisable, as it doesn’t really smell like marijuana smoke. If you must consume cannabis via inhalation, it’s best to get yourself a high-quality vaporizer. Cannabis vapour dissipates better than smoke and doesn’t smell as obvious.


Now, in the event that you know your consumption method is going to create a significant amount of odour, here’s what you need to consider:

When you’re smoking, remember that the smoke will be easily absorbed by everything around you, even your hair and skin. Clothes, bedding, curtains, carpets, towels, and your clothes love soaking up the weed smoke and can retain the smell for quite a while.

The best place to smoke in terms of dissipation is obviously outdoors. Even one good gust of wind is enough to remove your evidence from the scene of the crime. However, this might not be an option for everyone due to neighbouring vigilantes spying on your endeavours.

If you need to move indoors, perhaps the best method to prevent the stank is to smoke under a kitchen hood turned up to the max. The vent will suck most of the smoke outdoors. If the vent is not an option, try using a sploof—a homemade device comprising a toilet roll tube and some sort of covering on one end, which is secured with a rubber band. Simply exhale into the sploof and open the windows.

It’s best to smoke in the bathroom if the kitchen hood isn’t an option, as this particular room usually doesn’t have as many highly absorbent materials as a bedroom, for example.

Make sure to change your clothes if you have to go out after a smoke session. Try to separate your weed clothes from “civilian clothes”. And wash your smoky hands with soap and give your teeth a brush. If you are cooking cannabutter or cannabis oils, just turn on the kitchen hood and open the windows.

The Best Ways To Hide The Smell Of Your Weed


To cover the stank after smoking weed, the best option is to use an air sanitiser. This spray is made to eliminate the chemical particles in the air, rather than covering them like a classic Febreze spray. One could use incense, heat up some vinegar, burn some toast—there are many creative ways of covering the smell of weed smoke.

When it comes to covering the smell of your stash, wrap it in plastic and place it in a coffee jar. The coffee overpowers the smell of the stash. If you decide to travel with your stash in public, but worry about the smell, place the weed bag in a larger bag filled with coffee. Or simply bring the coffee jar with you. You’ll have the weed and coffee to perk you up—it’s a win-win situation. Another tip is to carry hash instead of dried herb when going outside; it barely releases any noticeable aroma.


Now, let’s talk about your ganja garden. When cannabis plants enter the flowering phase, they begin to reek with magnificent perfumes. Indoor growers can use carbon filters and ozone generators to remove the smell, which is constantly distributed outdoors. One could also consider growing strains that aren’t as pungent. Outdoor growers could grow mint, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and other companion plants around their cannabis, which will help drown out the smell.


There you go, the best advice to get rid of that weed smell. Next time you wish to smoke at home, walk around the city with your stash, or grow your own bud, you’ll know what to do. Now you’re ready to commence with your stealthy marijuana endeavours.