Top 10 Best Feminized Zambeza Strains

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Top 10 Best Feminized Zambeza Strains

If you want to grow cannabis these days, you can find a plethora of different strains. Having so many options is certainly great, but the different varieties available can also be overwhelming. Check out Zambeza's top 10 best feminized cannabis strains to set you in the right direction.

If you feel like it, you could spend some time and browse the many seeds available at Zambeza, and then make your choice. Or, you could just look at our list of the most popular and sought-after strains to find the seeds that are right for you. Here is our list of the top 10 best Zambeza feminized cannabis strains!


The beastly Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the most desired hybrid strains out there. This winner of "Best Hybrid" at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup doesn’t just impress cannabis-lovers with her animalistic potency; she also stands out with a well-rounded effect that’s both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. This makes Gorilla Glue one of the most balanced hybrids you can get your hands on.

Zambeza invoked the formidable Gorilla Glue genetics to create their own variant of this spectacular strain, Misty Gorilla. Plant Misty Gorilla indoors, and expect to harvest as much as 550g/m² of her super-sticky buds. Outdoors, you can get as much as 600g/plant. The cross between a Chem's Sister, a Chocolate Diesel, and a Sour Dubb will delight connoisseurs with an intoxicating blend of earthy, pine, and chocolate flavours. You will just need a puff or two to enjoy a fast-acting high that blends happy euphoria with incredibly deep physical relaxation.


Pretty much anyone who loves good cannabis will have heard of (or may already have smoked) the famous White Widow. This popular strain didn’t earn her legendary status for nothing; she owes her name to her extreme resin production potential. Once the plant nears the end of flowering, she’ll become absolutely covered with a beautiful white coat of sparkling trichomes.

Zambeza managed to do something seemingly impossible: they made this strain even better than it was before! For their White Widow Haze, they enriched the superb WW genetics with those of a very potent Haze. Out comes a sativa-dominant hybrid that shines with enormous potency. Grow her, and she’ll keep the wait reasonably short for a sativa, with a flowering time of around 65 days. An added bonus is her yield potential of up to 550g/m² indoors and 700g/plant outdoors. Her effect leans a tad more toward cerebral than physical, striking a chill yet energetic balance. White Widow Haze induces a heady, euphoric high full of uplifting clarity and creativity, which makes her a fantastic daytime strain to enjoy.


Back in the ‘90s, Dutch growers discovered the genetics for Power Plant on a trip to South Africa. Being an extremely powerful sativa is just one of the highlights that keeps this girl flying off the shelves of Amsterdam coffeeshops. She is also beloved by growers who cherish the strain for her massive production potential, as she can deliver monster yields in an astonishingly short time.

Zambeza has brought this cannabis legend back to life with their Power Plant XL. Despite her impressive history, she still does splendidly compared to many modern strains. In only 55 days of bloom, she can yield as much as 750g/m² of top bud. Outdoors, you can get as much as 600g/plant. Smoke Power Plant XL, and you will enjoy a soaring sativa effect that will lift your mood in no time. Her brilliantly blended sweet and sour flavour is also top-notch.


Northern Lights is another legendary strain that doesn’t need an introduction among those knowledgeable. This indica-dominant hybrid that originated from the US (and is thought to comprise at least 11 different strains) reliably delivers top yields of world-class bud. No surprise that Northern Lights has become a staple strain among indoor growers everywhere.

Zambeza went all out and made this popular strain even better by crossing her with a top Afghani. The “XL” in her name hints at the massive production of the strain. After a short flowering time of only 60 days, Northern Lights XL can offer you as much as 750g/m² indoors and about 650g/plant outdoors. After harvest, and with proper drying and curing, you can finally enjoy the girl’s XL-sized buds, which will reward you with a deeply relaxing indica effect and a superb mix of old-school flavours that blend awesome sweet and citrus notes.


Skunk is a true classic among cannabis strains. Created in the 1970s by Dutch breeders, the blend of robust cannabis genetics from regions like Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia is famous for its reliability, simplicity, and very high yields. Indeed, Skunk is so renowned for her stable growth that the strain’s genetics are now the foundation of many modern cannabis hybrids.

Zambeza's Skunk is a powerhouse indica/sativa hybrid that, just like back in the day, still makes cultivators (and smokers) happy. In only 55 days of bloom, the girl can yield as much as 600g/m² when grown indoors, and about the same per plant outdoors or in a greenhouse. But all this wouldn’t be too noteworthy if it wasn’t for the fact that she produces bud of the finest quality. Even beginners will experience great results. Smoke her, and enjoy a blend of pungent sweet and spicy aromas together with her trademark “skunky” flavour. She is not super-potent, but delivers an amazingly relaxing indica stone with a slightly heady and uplifting note.


With their Blue Spider, Zambeza Seeds is honouring not just the helpful critters that keep nasty bugs away from your home, garden, and your cannabis grow. She is also a tribute to one of the most appreciated cannabis strains, the famous White Widow. Zambeza Seeds took the powerful hybrid and crossed her with another all-time favourite, the mouth-watering Blueberry.

Zambeza’s Blue Spider is a strain for all cultivators, including those with little experience. This easy-growing girl doesn’t demand a lot, and does well in all kinds of growing environments. After 55 days of flowering, she yields as much as 450g/m² in your tent, and up to 550g/plant outdoors if she can get plenty of sun. When smoked, Blue Spider blends the delicious fruity notes of Blueberry with the somewhat spicy notes of the White Widow for a very flavourful yet pleasantly smooth experience. She measures about 18–20% in THC, so you won’t need too much to enjoy her happy, energising, and euphoric high that is perfect for fun daytime activities.


To make their Lemon Kush, Zambeza combined some of the best cannabis genetics, where each stands out with its own great qualities: The legendary Chemdawg gives a Diesel-like taste and high THC levels. A Lemon Thai adds exotic sativa characteristics and her lemon-minty taste. Pakistani Kush enriches the strain with excellent resin production. Out comes a fantastic hybrid that delights both cannabis smokers and cultivators.

Growers in particular enjoy the ease and vigour of this plant, which races through the flowering phase in 55 days. Her yields are on the higher side, with up to 500g/m² indoors and 400–500g/plant outdoors. When it comes to her high, Lemon Kush leans slightly toward her indica Pakistani side; but with the help of the two sativas, also has a nice cerebral effect. Enjoy her fabulous Kush-like stone that relaxes you from head to toe, but in a way that allows you to stay focussed.


Hazes are normally not for the impatient, and may also not be optimal for newcomers to cannabis growing as they can be quite picky. Amnesia Haze XL by Zambeza, however, will make you easily forget about the somewhat longer flowering time as she rewards with excellent yields of top bud.

Zambeza Seeds took only the best-performing lineages from the original Amnesia Haze to make their Amnesia Haze XL. Out comes a sativa-dominant hybrid that keeps things reasonable with 65 days of flowering. Unusual for a Haze is also her compact height that won’t exceed 130cm indoors. This makes her one of the few Hazes you can cultivate in a tent without things getting out of control. Expect as much as 600g/m² when you grow her indoors, and up to 700g/plant in good outdoor conditions. Amnesia Haze XL has a spectacular high. She induces a euphoric and happy effect that will lift your spirits and plaster a huge smile on your face. She is a great daytime smoke for all occasions, and is especially fun to share with others. Her fresh citrus flavours blended with some hints of spice round off an exceptional cannabis experience.


White Widow is still the champion among many cannabis users and cultivators, who she dazzles with an amazing high, excellent resin production, phenomenal flavour, and very good yields. In a tribute to the Dutch breeders who created her in the ‘90s, Zambeza Seeds took this time-honoured classic and brought her to new life with an XL treatment worthy of a true legend.

Among the many superb qualities of White Widow XL is her phenomenal production. She can easily yield 600g/m² indoors, where she only needs 60 days of flowering to mature her buds. Noteworthy is that the girl is also well suited for northern European climates. Make sure she can get plenty of sun, and she will reward you with good yields of up to 600g/plant. Her super-juicy buds covered with thick layers of sticky resin make the strain a top choice for concentrate-creation. Smoke White Widow XL, and you will taste spicy notes that quickly evolve into sweetness with some sour hints for a truly mouth-watering experience. She has an awesome effect, where she combines the deeply relaxing power of an indica with the cerebral and uplifting effect of a sativa.


Critical XXL by Zambeza combines two stellar cannabis classics into one spectacular hybrid. A double dose of Afghani genetics, with a Skunk on one side and a select Afghani on the other, ensures a vigorous plant that eagerly matures her buds for you.

She will need only 50 days of flowering to churn out monster yields of up to 650g/m² indoors, and about 750g/plant outdoors. The XXL in her name doesn’t just stand for her impressive yields, but also for her XXL flowers. Make sure that you support her with stakes when she grows, as the sheer load of her heavy and resinous buds can easily be too much for her without some assistance. Smoke Critical XXL, and you will taste a blend of exotic, spicy notes with hints of clove and burnt orange peel. Enjoy an intense and awesomely dank smoke that induces a powerful, relaxing effect—perfect for chilling and eliminating stress.