Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Getting High This Summer

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Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Getting High This Summer

Looking to get blazed this summer with your friends? Consider smoking these 5 superb varieties that span from stoning and relaxing to energetic and stimulating.

The cannabis high is a euphoric and mood-enhancing state that can be enjoyed all year round. However, the psychotropic effects are particularly enjoyable in summer, when the sun is glaring, the sky is blue, and the landscape is abundant with greenery. Blazing cannabis in any other season just doesn’t compare to hitting bongs and toking blunts with friends while chilling at the beach or hiking mountain trails. All of these fun and exciting activities are simply enhanced by the presence of THC in the bloodstream. Below are the top 5 strains to fire up this summer.

Rocket Banana1. ROCKET BANANA

Rocket Banana is the perfect strain for summer evenings, when the sun begins to set, food is on the barbecue, and beer bottles no longer feature caps. The rich and complex terpene profile of this strain emits a tropical and fruity vibe, ideal for beach settings. This indica-dominant lady was forged in the breeding room using parent strains Banana and OG Kush. Along with producing the aforementioned flavours, this crossing blessed Rocket Banana with a THC level hovering around 25%. Such a high level of the mind-altering cannabinoid will have you and your crew stoned well into the early hours of the morning. The sheer taste of this strain, let alone the formidable indica high, is enough to induce the munchies. Make sure there’s enough food on the grill!

If you want to grow your own stash of this summer strain, you’ll be pleased to know that it's more than achievable. Indoors, expect to see plants reach a height of 140cm and yield up to 400g/m² after a flowering time of 7–8 weeks. Outdoor plants are capable of reaching 2m and churning out up to 500g/plant during late September.


NYC Diesel Autoflowering is a mellow sativa-dominant strain that descends from a quality crossing of original NYC Diesel with a ruderalis strain. Merging award-winning fruity flavours and euphoric effects with autoflowering capability, genetics that were once reserved for more advanced growers are now easily accessible to beginners! A THC level of 15% also makes NYC Diesel Autoflowering more beginner-friendly, as her gentle high isn’t overwhelming and rarely induces feelings of paranoia.

NYC Diesel Autoflowering produces moderate yields, regardless of where she’s grown. Indoor plants grow to 90cm and produce approximately 300–350g/m² after 55–65 days from seed to harvest. In contrast, plants grown outdoors can reach a little taller, offering a max yield of 120g/plant.

Pineapple Express3. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS

Pineapple Express gained the attention of the mainstream after its appearance in the hit stoner flick of the same name. Although the movie was filled with exaggerations in the name of comedy, Pineapple Express is still a highly sought-after strain, but her effects are more on the mellow side. This indica-dominant lady offers sweet, tropical, and fruity tastes that go down perfectly with smoothies and juices on a hot summer day. Moreover, her THC level of 19% offers a stoned and happy high that isn’t too intense.

Pineapple Express produces large and thick flowers abundant with resin, a trait inherited from Pineapple and Lemon Kush. Reaching only 130cm-tall, indoor plants are highly productive, capable of producing 550g/m² after only 55 days of flowering. Plants grown outdoors under the sun can yield as much as 550g/plant and climb to a height of 170cm.

Misty Gorilla Autoflowering4. MISTY GORILLA AUTOMATIC

Misty Gorilla Automatic is the culmination of a breeding project involving world-famous strains Gorilla and Cookies. The merging of these two powerhouses offers a couch-locking indica high that ushers in a positive and relaxing vibe to any party or gathering. It turns the hectic energy down a notch, and will instead turn any summer evening into a time of interesting conversation, giggles, and snacking. A pleasant terpene profile makes Misty Gorilla Automatic even more enjoyable by offering tastes of earth and sweet maple syrup.

Misty Gorilla Automatic is easily manageable indoors, and will reach a maximum height of 120cm. Capable of pumping out 400g/m², Misty Gorilla Automatic is certainly on the more productive end of the autoflowering spectrum. When it comes to outdoor cultivation, she can easily reach a height of 140cm and deliver 170g of buds per plant.

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering5. SUPER SILVER HAZE

Super Silver Haze has long dominated the competition, managing to win three High Times Cannabis Cups in consecutive fashion. If you have ever been to the great city of Amsterdam, chances are you’ve come across this strain on many different menus. Her popularity stems from her powerful and motivating sativa high passed down from a lineage of Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights. This high is perfect for long summer days of exploration, activities, and adventure.

Super Silver Haze is a highly productive specimen that consistently yields up to 700g/m² indoors, despite reaching only 80–110cm! In comparison, outdoor plants will surge to a massive height of 230cm and yield 550–650g/plant. All of this is possible after around 65 days of flowering.