Top 5 Strains for Outdoor Growing

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Top 5 Strains for Outdoor Growing

Looking for some great strains to add to your outdoor garden? Then check out this list of our top five strains for outdoor growing, they are all super-stars!


Finding the perfect strain to grow outdoors can be difficult. What you need are reliable genetics and plants with short flowering times to ensure your harvest is ready before the winter settles in. Luckily, if you've been struggling to find great outdoor strains, look no further; below is a list of our top 5 Zambeza strains designed for growing under the sun.


Candy Caramelo is a high-yielding, fast-flowering hybrid that’ll make the perfect addition to any outdoor garden. A 3-way cross between Maple Leaf, White Rhino, and Blueblack, this indica-dominant hybrid boasts great flavours, high yields, and plenty of potency.

Given enough soil and plenty of sunlight, Candy Caramelo can easily grow to heights of over 200cm. To really get the best out of this strain, we recommend trimming regularly and using some training techniques to control the height of your plants and ensure they get optimal light exposure. As with any outdoor strain, Candy Caramelo thrives in warm climates, with as much light as possible.

Best of all, Candy Caramelo is a fast-flowering variety and can be harvest-ready in as little as just 45 days of flowering. Come harvest time, get your trimming scissors ready, as you can expect this strain to produce between 500–600g of bud per plant outdoors.

Besides her great yields and short flowering time, Candy Caramelo also boasts rich aromas and flavours and very balanced effects. As the name suggests, this strain boasts sweet, caramel-like flavours combined with hints of fresh mint. With roughly 16% THC, Candy Caramelo produces a strong, euphoric, and creative high.


White Cheese is Zambeza’s unique spin on classic Cheese genetics. A cross between Afghan and Skunk varieties, this strain boasts a big, cheesy aroma and fast flowering times that are great for outdoor growers.

White Cheese is an indica-dominant variety that, despite its genetics, can develop into pretty sizable plants outdoors (expect heights of 120–200cm) given enough light, space, and time. Despite their height, however, these plants are far from stretchy; instead, they grow into dense bushes with short branches and short internodal spacing. Hence, to ensure they get enough light and airflow, it’s a good idea to trim away excess foliage. LST or HST techniques can also help manipulate your canopy to ensure your plants reach their maximum potential.

White Cheese is another of Zambeza’s fast-flowering varieties and can be harvest-ready after just 50 days of flowering. It produces yields of up to 500–600g/m², depending on the conditions it’s grown in and the skill of the grower. Thanks to its short flowering time, Zambeza’s White Cheese Fast Flowering is a great strain for outdoor cultivators growing in cooler or temperate climates with shorter, cooler summers.

The aromas and flavours of this strain are super-pungent and reminiscent of the iconic Cheese strains that first came out of London in the 1990s. Think strong, spicy, cheesy aromas and flavours, coupled with a solid indica-dominant, euphoric body stone that’ll leave you feeling relaxed for hours.


Every grower needs to cultivate some killer Kush variety. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out our Power Kush, a unique cross between Critical and OG Kush that produces great yields and boasts THC levels of up to 20%.

Critical is a fast-flowering, high-yielding European hybrid. OG Kush, on the other hand, is easily one of the most influential strains to come out of the US. By combining the two, our expert breeders have produced a super-potent, fast-flowering sativa-dominant hybrid showing unique indica-dominant grow traits.

These plants usually reach 120–160cm outdoors, making them extremely easy to manage, even in smaller gardens. They also do particularly well in greenhouses. The flowering time for this strain is roughly 50 days and yields tend to vary between 500–600g per plant.

Like any decent Kush variety, Power Kush really sets itself apart in its buds. This strain produces big, resinous buds with a dense, sticky layer of trichomes. Thanks to this resin, Power Kush consistently produces THC levels of up to 20%.

Power Kush also boasts an exceptional aroma that combines sweetness with subtle yet noticeable sour and spicy undertones. Due to its potency, this strain quickly produces a very relaxing, indica-like body stone. In general, we recommend enjoying this strain at night time, or any other time when you don’t need to remain productive and want to kick back.


This is 3-way hybrid combines some of the world’s most renowned cannabis genetics: Skunk, Northern Lights, and Afghani. The result is a stable and reliable hybrid that produces excellent yields in just 55 days of flowering.

Vanilla Ice is an indica-dominant variety that makes an excellent outdoor crop. While these plants tend to be quite small indoors, they can reach heights of up to 170–200cm given enough space and sun outdoors. The plants are very bushy and can produce remarkable harvests of 450-550g per plant.

Vanilla Ice will reward you with dense, indica-style nuggets with a thick layer of sticky trichomes. And these buds don’t just look great, they also boast a deliciously sweet aroma with unique spicy vanilla undertones. This strain is a great choice for your own hash or concentrates, thanks to its ability to produce a lot of resin.

In terms of effects, Vanilla Ice is very balanced. It definitely produces the indica-style body stone you’d expect, but this isn’t a couch-lock strain and should still leave you productive should you need to stay focused on work or creative tasks.

Again, thanks to its short flowering time, Vanilla Ice is a great strain for outdoors growers living in colder climates with short summers, allowing them to still produce a top-shelf harvest even in less than favourable growing conditions.


Last, but definitely not least, on our list of top outdoor strains is this aromatic masterpiece. A cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, this thick indica strain delivers on all levels: yields, potency, and flavour.

Despite its indica-dominant genetics, Zambeza’s Lemon Kush is a huge strain that can reach heights of up to 230cm. Provide plenty of sunlight, some great nutrients, and plenty of TLC, and these plants can easily reward you with up to 550g of top-shelf bud per plant. Plus, like all the other strains on this list, Lemon Kush has a fast flowering time of just 55 days.

As the name suggests, it is a super-aromatic and flavourful strain. Lemon Kush combines fresh hints of citrus peel with noticeable spicy undertones that make this an interesting strain to smoke or vaporize. And with up to 18% THC, it’s bound to get you very, very high.

The effects of Lemon Kush combine the uplifting cerebral stimulation of Chemdawg and Lemon Thai with the deep, narcotic-like stone of Pakistani Kush. The resulting stone is definitely very relaxing but still leaves you with enough clarity to stay focused, awake, and social.