What To Do If Weed Is Making You Tired

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What To Do If Weed Is Making You Tired

Cannabis has long been used as a sleep aid. But sometimes, a sedative sinsemilla strain is not appropriate. It’s time to find out why some marijuana strains make you tired, why others don’t, and what you can do about it. Let’s explore the relationship between cannabis and tiredness.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) interacts with the cannabis you consume. The type of weed you use. How you use weed. When you use weed. Where you use weed. These are the four factors that will define your cannabis experience. To examine one, two, or even three together, without the inclusion of the fourth, is an incomplete analysis and worthless data. A fifth component—with whom—adds a social dynamic that scientists cannot accurately measure. So it’s usually ignored.

Yes, weed can make you feel tired. But it depends on the four critical factors. Anyone that’s ever toked more than one variety of cannabis can tell you that different strains have different effects from person to person.

Indica-dominant cannabis strains have been renowned for centuries for their sedative effects. In contrast, sativa-dominant genetics at the opposite end of the sinsemilla spectrum have a reputation for their uplifting cerebral buzz.


Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis and hemp plants. This terpene has a distinct musky mango aroma. A 1997 Swiss study concluded that myrcene can comprise more than half of the total volume of terpenes in a cannabis plant. Myrcene is also common to many other plant species such as hops, lemongrass, thyme, and of course, mangoes.


A 2011 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology suggested a real synergy between THC and myrcene. The muscle-relaxing properties of the terpene and THC combine to give rise to the familiar “couchlock” stoned sensation. Furthermore, as indica-dominant strains typically contain far more myrcene than sativas, this strongly supports the case for the sedative properties of myrcene.


These days, 20%+ THC strains are de rigueur. THC is the most famous psychoactive ingredient, but certainly not the only one of the estimated 400 compounds found in cannabis. We already have a rudimentary understanding of the “entourage effect” in relation to THC:CBD ratios.

Essentially, CBD serves to balance the intensity of the THC high. Strains with a high amount of THC and no CBD will be tremendously more psychoactive than those closer to a balanced 1:1 THC:CBD ratio. CBD-rich medical cannabis strains won’t really get you high, at least not in the classic cerebral sense.

That being said, near-pure sativa strains with high THC concentrations and only trace amounts of CBD are preferred daytime stash. Haze can be inspiring and uplifting. However, heavy indica varieties with equally high THC and less than 1% CBD can couchlock a veteran anytime. This holds true for hybrids with a blended effect representative of both indica and sativa genetics.

What To Do If Weed Is Making You Tired


Edibles can deliver a more trippy and tired high, usually about an hour or so after you eat them; this is because the THC molecule is broken down into a smaller, more potent metabolite. It is widely believed that 11-hydroxy-THC is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Recently, the state of California has limited edibles to a maximum 100mg THC dose per pack. Individual doses are now measured in 10mg increments. While some have complained the limit is too low, in practice, only a savage super-stoner like Joey Diaz could expect to stay conscious after swallowing a 100mg+ dose in one sitting.


Matthew Walker, sleep expert and author of “Why We Sleep: The New Science Of Sleep And Dreams” has some bad news for those that enjoy a nightcap dreamland joint of knockout indica Northern Lights XL before bed.

Recently, as a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast, the good professor dropped the bombshell that weed actually blocks the brain from entering REM sleep. This would explain why many a stoner sleeps like the dead and doesn’t dream. But he did also say “we become psychotic in REM sleep”, so perhaps it’s not a total loss.


Smoking, or better still, dabbing/vaping sativa-dominant cannabis is the only way to fly. For those seeking creative inspiration, a mood-boosting shot, or some extra positive energy, it’s got to be a sativa-leaning strain. Amnesia Haze XL is cerebral, citrus-scented reefer packing 21% THC and virtually no CBD. This connoisseur-grade head stash certainly won’t make you feel tired.

The same goes for the legendary Super Silver Haze. Another prestigious sativa that brings a fat harvest of 21% THC nugs to the scales. The feel-good, stress-relieving properties of this coffeeshop classic have come to define top-shelf Haze.