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Blueberry is an old-school strain from back in the late 1970's and is the parent strain of all things Blue. It gained popularity with breeders around the world for its unique tastes, ample yields and strong, pleasant highs. You will still find its influence in many mainstream strains today and is a choice base plant for many breeders out there. We have been drawn to its alluring look and succulent fruity taste. So much so that we have introduced it into many of our own strains.

If you have ever seen or tasted this strain you will understand how it got its name. It can grow an eye-catching shades of purple and blue, and exhibits a strong fruity aroma. The taste itself is a refreshing blueberry delight that has connoisseurs clambering back for more. In its pure form it is a beauty to be cherished and is exactly why we have harnessed it ourselves. Our own Zambeza Seeds Blue Spider is a prime example of top quality Blueberry breeding. Blue Spider offers all of the sweet tastes and mind soaring highs that its parent does – perfect for a refreshing smoke on a sunny afternoon, unlocking creativity and inspiration within yourself.

The smoke of Blueberry is highly regarded and a connoisseur favorite. It exudes quality with its long lasting, strong cerebral highs. It is also resilient to tolerance build up which means even the most seasoned of smokers rarely struggle to enjoy its delights. It is so highly regarded that it came first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup (2000) for both the Indica and Overall Winner categories; and in 2001 it cam second overall and 3rd in the indica category. It is no wonder that this pedigree strain practically worshiped by many breeders the world over and the sire of hundreds of other Blue strains.

Whilst Blueberry is often associated with soaring mind highs, its high quality genetics and indica roots have made it a great base for our breeders to introduce more commonly associated indica traits. Through careful and selective breeding we have produced Blueberry, which takes the long lasting cerebral highs of Blueberry and combines it with an equally strong physical stone to create the ultimate in relaxation strain. A strain that leaves physical and emotional woes behind and lets you truly go free. Its highly pliable genetics have also allowed for an autoflowering strain to be produced as well - Blueberry Autoflowering. Blueberry has something to offer everyone.

In terms of medicinal qualities, Blueberry's euphoric high goes a long way to help beat stress. It is great for the user who needs to take a load off their shoulders. It has also been known to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and pain as well, but its true calling is to let your mind out of its cage and soar.

Blueberry is and indica dominant strain but grows as a tall “stretch” indica with long, thick branches covered in bulging colored buds. The plant and its buds change hue as it grows, starting off red and developing to a lavender purple – it is a spectacle to behold and certainly stands out in the grow room.

As you can see, Blueberry is a one of a kind strain that was revolutionary at its time – and it still hold a lot of sway today. A countless amount of hybrids have been produced from this strain, which is a testament onto itself about the quality of Blueberry. It did not win so many awards for nothing! That is why we here at Zambeza Seeds have endeavored to create some truly exceptional children from it, it really is in a league of its own. If you are looking for some strong euphoric highs and sweet, fruity flavors then you want to be looking for Blueberry in your strains heritage.