Best Indica Cannabis Strains For Northern Climates

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Best Indica Cannabis Strains For Northern Climates

These indica cannabis strains feature hardy genetics that will easily tolerate sitting in the cold northern air as they bloom.

Growers living in colder northern regions of the world may think they are hard done by when it comes to cannabis. Although these areas are certainly colder and have a shorter growing season, many strains have been developed to easily tolerate such conditions. Growing cannabis in northern climates can be just as easy as it is elsewhere when selecting the appropriate genetics. These indica strains will withstand such settings with ease, rewarding growers with compact, thick, and resinous buds that provide soothing and relaxing psychoactive experiences.


White Widow XL is a reliable and hardy strain that will perform well in northern climates. She derives from the famous original White Widow, along with parent strain Ice, an equally robust strain from the Indian province of Kerala that was bred with resin production as the primary objective. White Widow XL does favour a lot of sunlight, yet manages to thrive in northern climates if she is planted at the appropriate time. The bountiful resin production of White Widow XL makes for high THC values, causing her indica-dominant nature to hit hard with sensations of sleepiness, meditation, and bliss. This strain impresses smokers with strong aromas of pine and lemon, adding further themes of relaxation to an already euphoric experience.

White Widow XL can be grown successfully indoors within tents and grow rooms, however, she will only reach heights of around 60cm. Still, yields of 500g/m² are nothing to be upset by. This strain reaches her full potential when grown outdoors within the fresh air. Grown within garden beds or large pots, White Widow XL will achieve tall heights of 200cm and produce large yields. She has a flowering time of 9 weeks.


Critical XXL is another superb option for outdoor growing in the north. She produces small and compact flowers that land heavy blows weighted by THC levels of 19%. This indica strain works its way deep into the body within a short time frame, melting muscles into relaxation and bringing about a heavy sensation to the eyelids. She is the lovechild of parent strains Afghani and Skunk, two varieties known for similar stoning and sedating effects. Critical XXL offers large harvests, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t use at least some of her flowers to infuse edibles with her skunky, sweet, and spicy tastes.

Critical XXL isn’t a fussy strain, and will tolerate growth in many conditions. Indoor plants will provide large yields of 550–650g/m² and grow to varying heights of 80–150cm depending on pot size. Plants grown outside in the crisp northern air can reach towering heights of 230cm and provide fruitful harvests of 600–750g/plant. She has a quick flowering time of approximately 50 days.

White Cheese Fast FloweringWHITE CHEESE

White Cheese was bred to handle northern climates and rainy environments with ease. Her parent strains Afghan and Skunk blessed her with hardcore genes that allow her to flower in a short period of time, an ideal trait for colder and darker climates. Her indica-dominant genetics fuelled by THC levels of 17% stone users into a state of stillness, plunging them directly into the moment and letting worries fall away. This pleasant effect is enhanced by scents of spice and cheese that fill the air when her flowers are combusted.

Indoor plants grow to covert heights of 60–90cm and produce moderate yields of up to 450g/m². Outdoor plants display the true genetic potential of this strain, growing to heights of 200cm and pumping out 600g of flower per plant. White Cheese has a flowering time of around 50 days.


As one of the fastest autoflowering strains available, Candy Caramelo Autoflowering can be cultivated with ease in northern latitudes, even if growers end up planting her quite late in the growing season. She is the descendant of delicious parent strain Candy Caramelo mixed with a ruderalis strain. The diverse terpene profile within her buds lends to interesting flavours of caramel, sugar, and mint. Cannabis chefs out there will have a great time experimenting with this strain in the kitchen. Her high isn’t too overwhelming and hits the sweet spot between being stoned and lucid. She features THC values of 15%.

Candy Caramelo Autoflowering thrives indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants will offer harvests of up to 350g/m² and grow to short heights of 90cm. Outdoor plants grow to taller heights of 120cm and pump out modest yields of 220g/plant. Her total life cycle lasts a mere 50–60 days from seed.


Northern Lights XL Autoflowering is the result of crossing fast grow times with high resin production. Although she provides higher yields in sunny regions, she’s well-equipped to handle the colder climates of the north. This strain produces compact flowers that look as though they have been dusted with powdered sugar. Blazing a bowl of this strain will result in an instant high that makes the body feel light and floaty. A THC content of 14% makes for a clear-headed and crisp experience.

Northern Lights XL Autoflowering grows to heights of 130cm indoors and provides impressive yields of up to 400g/m². Outdoor strains will grow slightly taller to heights of 150cm and provide 150–230g/plant. She will be ready to harvest after 60–70 days from seed.