How To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

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How To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

We sum up six alternative ways to consume your cannabis, helping you get away from the perils of smoke and combustion! Your lungs will surly thank you.

Remember the first time you tried to smoke cannabis? If you were not used to smoking, you probably remembered having a burning throat, the uncoordinated attempts to use a carb, and due to your low resistance of THC, a very ‘high’ state of mind. For the veterans out there, these are not relevant things to think about any longer. With that being said we always have to look out for those who would like to consume cannabis differently or more healthy.

Smoking is not for everyone and certainly not the best way of consuming cannabis if you are concerned about your lungs and health in general. We all know there are numerous ways to consume cannabis, but you might be looking for a more health-conscious solution. We have summed up 6 ways to consume cannabis in a more healthy way:



Vaporizing is a technique where cannabis is heated up to a temperature that caused the active compounds to vaporizer without causing any combustion/burning. It is the combustion of smoking that causes the creation of all of the harmful toxins and tar - vaporizing prevents it.

Most people experience a much clearer high and the taste of vaporized cannabis is often preferred to that of combusted flower. As with all products, you have different kinds of vaporizers; you would not do wrong with reading into the subject before buying one. There are many affordable vaporizers for you to try and to have your smokeless experience.



Have you ever wanted to feel stealthy like 007? Perhaps you should try consuming cannabis in the form of edibles; sound pretty cool and undercover right? The diversity of cannabis-infused food and drinks are expanding quickly, so much that you can infuse almost everything when butter or oil is used. It is almost the same as baking a cake, you just have to infuse the butter or oil that you are using with cannabis.

When you start baking your way to a higher state, please do remember that to begin with, stat with lower doses of cannabis. This is because the psychoactive compound THC has a more intense effect when eaten compare with smoking or vaping. The high also lasts a lot longer - so if you over do it, you will be uncomfortable for a long time. Cannabis edibles can take up to an hour to kick in, so take it easy and start small before eating more.


Ingestible Oils

Ingestible oils are cannabis concentrated designed to be taken orally. You can often choose more carefully what kind of cannabis concentrate you would like. For example you could go for a concentrate that is focussed on CBD, or one that is focused on THC. It depends on your personal goals. Just like edibles, ingestible oils can induce powerful effects that take a while to have an effect. So be careful, always.



Tinctures are cannabis infusions often made from alcohol that are applied under the tongue. The difference between tinctures and ingestible oils or infused foods is that tinctures enter the bloodstream immediately, allowing for fast-acting effects and better dose control. There is a wide selection of profiles to choose from with different kind of flavours. Tinctures are often used for medical uses too.



For a local solution for pain, soreness and inflammation you can buy cannabis-infused lotions and balms that you can directly apply to your skin. Topicals can be used without having to experience any psychoactive effects.



Dabbing is a unique method of consuming cannabis. It is called flash-vaporization in which cannabis concentrates are dropped on a heated water pipe attachment and inhaled for intensely potent effects. It can be extremely potent, so watch yourself!

Enjoy your smoke-free cannabis consumption!