How to: Grow Cannabis With an Aeroponic System

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How to: Grow Cannabis With an Aeroponic System

Aeroponics is a system of growing plants with the root system exposed in an enclosed environment and the crown and leaves growing above. Nutrient-rich water system mists the roots in this enclosed system, while CO2 and proper lighting assist plant growth.

The nutrient infused water produces microbes on the plants roots allowing the plant to process the nutrients. An aeroponics system allows for faster plant growth and greater crop yields than plants grown in any other mediums.

how it works

A support structure suspends the plants in the air with their root systems dangling below them. Timed sprayers produce a very fine mist that allows the nutrients to cling directly to the roots. Microbes, tiny microorganisms that live on the root systems develop, producing an environment rich for a faster and fuller growing plant. The circulated water is timed to spray at a specific frequency onto the plants roots keeping them from drying out. The enclosed environment becomes oxygen rich supporting massive root growth, preventing root disease and keeping light out to prevent algae growth.
Aeroponic growing systems

the advantages for cannabis

The time-controlled and enclosed environment produces two advantages over other systems for growing cannabis. Aeroponics reduces water evaporation, water waste and reduces the chance of disease, such as root rot. The process of controlled misting allows for the maximum amount of nutrients for the plant to absorb. This leads to a strong root system producing higher growth yield and frequency, out performing other mediums like hydroponic and soil-based systems.

the disadvantages for cannabis

The right balance of nutrients in the water supply is critical to producing fine root fibers that increase surface area maximizing colonization of microbes. This combined with light and CO2 levels above the enclosed area may take some experimentation to get right, especially for beginners. Due to the mechanical nature of the system, a power failure can suspend moisture to the roots causing the plant to wilt or die, requiring constant monitoring. The costs of an aeroponics system that can hold a high capacity of plants, such as 30 units, can be expensive.
Aeroponic cannabis plants

aeroponic systems

Aeroponics is a simple system, but getting all of the components, nutrients, light and CO2 levels, aligned is important to maximizing crop yields. There are simple starter systems, like Miracle-Gro’s AeroGarden, used in a home to grow herbs with shallow roots that are an inexpensive starting point. There are more professional lines of aeroponic systems available, like General Hydroponic's AeroFlo systems, that offer greater plant capacity with the ability to handle taller plant varieties, but are expensive. There are many DIY ideas online that can handle varying capacity with only the costs of materials and time. Whatever system is used, aeroponics is an efficient way to grow and produce crops of cannabis plants.