Best Sativa Cannabis Strains For Southern Climates

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Best Sativa Cannabis Strains For Southern Climates

Living further south has some serious advantages for cannabis growers, including a longer outdoor growing season. These potent sativa strains thrive in southern climates and feature exceptional potency. You won't be disappointed.

Living and growing in southern climates is a massive advantage for many cannabis farmers. It means the luxury of warmer temperatures, often more sunlight, and a longer growing season, enabling them to raise some true monster specimens. Some strains have adapted to such balmy conditions, and have a hard time when growers attempt to cultivate them elsewhere. Each specimen on this list of potent sativa strains was designed to thrive in southern climates. They offer vibrant, cerebral, and energising highs that are meant to be enjoyed under the southern sun.


Amnesia Haze XL is a pleasure to grow in warm Mediterranean climates. This lady stems from a powerful family tree consisting of powerhouse strains Amnesia, Super Skunk, and Super Silver Haze. This concoction of stellar genes has created a strain that should be approached with caution by beginner growers. High THC levels around 21% result in a fast-acting and long-lasting high that is almost psychedelic in nature. A few hits from a blunt or joint loaded with these flowers with send the mind into a stimulated, ultra-focussed, and activated state. It’s the perfect strain to blaze up when looking to engage in some stimulating and philosophical conversations with friends. The surge of energy catalysed by smoking this strain makes it a great choice before engaging in physical activities such as skating, hiking, or hitting the gym. Amnesia Haze XL flowers are loaded with aromatic terpenes that contribute flavours of fruit contrasted by sour notes.

Amnesia Haze XL can be grown well both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants will provide good yields of 600g/m² and achieve heights of up to 130cm. Plants grown outdoors within nutritious soil under the warm southern sun will reach up to 200cm and churn out respectable yields of 700g/plant. Amnesia Haze XL features a flowering time of 12 weeks.


Super Silver Haze is another vibrant sativa-dominant lady that excels in warmer southern climates. This specimen was created in the Netherlands when two breeders took the much-loved Skunk Haze and crossed her desirable genetics with NL Haze. The result is a strain that has soared in popularity among Haze fanatics. The sativa high induced by hitting a bowl full of this strain sends an energetic impulse into the mind and gets the cogs turning. Super Silver Haze is a creative strain that seems to make new ideas arise out of nowhere. This strain is best reserved for busy days where increased focus and alertness are required. Her flowers house sweet and sugary tastes that make her a fine addition to many sweet edible recipes, a method of delivery that greatly enhances her psychoactive intensity. Being rich in both THC and CBD, her high is equally as therapeutic as it is recreational.

Super Silver Haze produces tight and compact flowers loaded with trichomes that reflect and refract the southern sunlight. Grown indoors, she has the potential to provide growers with 450–500g/m², and will grow to modest heights of between 70–110cm. Outdoors, this lady will soar to heights of 200cm and produce medium yields. Super Silver Haze has a rather speedy flowering time of 9–10 weeks.


The name White Widow is enough to turn the heads of even the most seasoned of cannabis cultivators. These premium genetics have been infused with Northern Light and Super Silver Haze to create a strain that will be blowing the minds of generations to come. The goal of this ambitious breeding project was to merge 3 absolute classics to create a new kid on the block that offers a powerful, intense, and almost psychedelic high. The energy and cerebral stimulation provided by only a few hits is enough to start hammering away at creative projects and aiming for long-term goals. Medium levels of both THC and CBD result in a high that is grounding, clear-headed, and motivating.

White Widow Haze will provide impressive yields of 600g/m² when cultivated indoors, reaching heights of around 70–80cm. However, this sun-loving lady reaches her full genetic potential when grown outdoors. In such an environment, she is capable of surging to heights of 300cm and producing massively rewarding yields of around 1000g/plant. Such mammoth harvests make her the strain of choice for home-growers looking to create a giant and long-lasting stash. White Widow Haze features a fast flowering time of 9–10 weeks.


NYC Diesel Autoflowering successfully busts the myth that small autoflowering varieties are not capable of supplying growers with impressive yields. This special strain was forged during a breeding project involving parent strain NYC Diesel along with a ruderalis variety. A THC content of 15% makes for a smooth, clear, and stimulating high that isn’t too overwhelming and won’t inhibit normal thought processes. Her subtlety makes her a fine daytime smoke to stay productive yet ignited.

NYC Diesel Autoflowering maintains a relatively short height throughout the entire grow cycle, which makes her ideal for guerrilla growers and other low-key cultivation operations. She can be grown indoors within small cupboards and modified boxes, where she will reach heights of between 60–90cm and produce yields of 300–350g/m². Outdoor plants will grow to varying heights from 50–100cm and will turn out yields of up to 120g/plant. NYC Diesel Autoflowering has a flowering time of 55–65 days.