Best Zambeza Strains For Southern Climates

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Best Zambeza Strains For Southern Climates

Growing cannabis in the warm climates of the south has the potential to offer immense yields. However, not all strains are up to the challenge. These strains, however, have adapted to such conditions and provide awesome results for growers of all levels.

Cannabis is an astonishingly versatile and adaptable plant that has managed to evolve in challenging environments ranging from cold mountains to warm forest clearings. Both nature and the hand of man have tested and changed cannabis, causing it to adapt to specific conditions via evolution and selective breeding. Growers living in warm southern climates might think they are at a disadvantage due to extreme temperatures; however, they will be pleased to know that certain strains have been bred to thrive in these regions.

These varieties have hardy genetics that can tolerate heat waves, whilst taking full advantage of the large doses of sunlight available in these environments. Here are the top 10 Zambeza strains made to grow in warm southern climates.


Blue Spider1. BLUE SPIDER

If you’re looking for a strain that is going to thrive in the middle of the season when the sun is harsh and the air is dry, you’re going to need a specimen produced using stellar genetics. Blue Spider is one such badass variety. She stems from world-renowned parent strains White Widow and Blueberry, a lineage that has gifted her with large yields, an imposing stature, and resilient genes. This beauty produces tall and thin colas decorated with light green sugar leaves and an abundance of trichomes that shine in the southern sun. She’s a sativa-dominant strain that provides a happy, cerebral, and euphoric high that stimulates the mind and boosts productivity. A THC content of 18% results in powerful highs that linger for a few hours, but rarely cross the line into being too intense and debilitating, at least for experienced smokers. Her long and slender flowers exude salivating scents of tropical fruits, citrus, berry, and pine.

Sativa genetics are clearly displayed in Blue Spider’s lanky structure. Her explosive growth may require some early pruning and/or low stress training to maintain control over her otherwise erratic growth. This strain can be grown successfully indoors in any climate, producing yields up to 450g/m² and reaching heights of 80–110cm. However, she reaches her full magnificence when cultivated outdoors in warm climates, where she peaks at a height of 230cm and produces impressive yields of up to 550g/plant. Blue Spider has a flowering time of 8 weeks, with outdoor plants ready to harvest during October.


The original Northern Lights is rumoured to have been bred using the genetics of 11 different cannabis seeds during a rigorous and experimental breeding project that took place on the West Coast of the US, specifically Seattle, Washington. This strain went on to become perhaps the most famous indica in the world, loved far and wide for her therapeutic body high and rich flavours. Zambeza made it their mission to harness these premium genetics and add their own special touch. By breeding the beast with Afghani, they managed to create a variety with all of the beneficial traits of the original, yet with much larger yields and greater overall size. Northern Lights XL provides an immensely satisfying indica body stone with relaxing, happy, and muscle-melting effects. She’s a fantastic remedy for daily stress, and releases pent-up tension from the body after only a couple of tokes. Every hit is infused with pleasant tastes of citrus fruits and sweetness.

Northern Lights XL thrives in southern climates where she capitalises on the warm and sunny days, converting strong sunlight into large, dense flowers. Her tall buds produce large volumes of psychoactive resin and have immense aesthetic value, boasting bright white calyxes. Northern Lights XL soars to heights of 230cm under the summer sun and can easily pump out yields of 550–650g/plant. Plants grown indoors grow to smaller heights of 120–150cm, yet put out equally impressive yields of 600–750g/m². It’s logical to speculate that larger yields come with longer waiting times, however, Northern Lights XL will not disappoint the impatient, boasting a flowering time of approximately 60 days.


Amnesia Haze is another legendary strain that Zambeza has taken and recreated, adding beneficial traits from other top-quality strains. This XL variety was forged using additional parent strains Super Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This superstar lineup of genetics churned out a strain that produces sky-high levels of THC and a good amount of CBD to boot. This makes her an ideal recreational and therapeutic strain for users seeking large quantities of both cannabinoids. This strain is especially useful for cannabis users planning on crafting high-potency extracts. The high offered by this strain borders on the psychedelic, immersing the smoker into an altered state of consciousness almost immediately. Being sativa-dominant, the effects primarily target the mind and offer sensations of stimulation, motivation, and creativity. Contrasting tastes of sweet fruits and sourness make her a fine addition to many edibles recipes including candies and brownies.

Amnesia Haze XL has no problem growing outdoors under the searing southern sun; in fact, this environment only feeds her flowers and fuels her harvests. As long as she receives adequate water and nutrients, she’ll do just fine. Outdoor plants cultivated within soil produce yields of around 200g/plant and reach medium heights. Indoors, plants grow to between 80–100cm tall and offer yields of 600g/m². Amnesia Haze XL has a relatively lengthy flowering time of 12 weeks, but her extremely potent flowers make the wait more than worth it.


White Widow Haze is the result of parent strains White Widow, Northern Lights, and Super Silver Haze. She was bred entirely with size in mind. Southern growers can achieve monstrous yields from this variety, provided that proper irrigation systems are put in place to meet her water demands. Her enormous size means yields are also on the mighty side of things, a trait that makes her a favourite among commercial growers looking for maximum output over the season. She’s also a great choice for growers looking to cultivate for personal use—just make sure you have adequate space in your garden or greenhouse. As well as contributing to her awesome height, her sativa-dominant genetic makeup provides euphoric, cerebral, and uplifting highs. Her stimulating properties are best put to use during the day to induce laser focus. The trichomes of White Widow Haze produce THC values of 20% and a terpene profile that provides aromas and flavours of sweet fruits.

The southern summer sun is the key required to unlock White Widow Haze’s full potential. Under these conditions, she explodes to awe-inspiring heights of 300cm and is capable of pumping out harvests of 700g/plant. It’s easy to see why she’s such a favourite, no matter who is cropping her. After a flowering period of 9–10 weeks, she’ll be ready to harvest, usually during October.


Green AK XL is a truly international strain deriving from a medley of Afghan, Colombian, Mexican, and Thai genetics. Looking at these origins, it’s easy to see why this lady can survive and thrive within warm climates. The manifestation of this diverse genetic collaboration is resilient, highly productive, and fast to flower. Green AK XL is a sativa-dominant hybrid that oozes with resin containing 18% THC. During the end of the flowering phase, it's hard to resist plucking these glistening flowers, rubbing them between the palms, and producing a personal stash of temple ball hash. The high is a real buzz, almost equivalent to downing an espresso shot. She’s a true wake-and-bake strain that gets the day started with a buzz that keeps users keen to accomplish their goals—and then some.

Green AK XL strikes the perfect balance between size and yield. She maintains an easily manageable height of 80–110cm indoors and 140–180cm outdoors. Furthermore, the internodes are quite small and branching is tame. Despite her growth pattern, she still provides mammoth yields. Indoor plants pump out 600–750g/m², and plants cultivated outdoors put out equally enormous yields. Green AK XL has a fast flowering time of 8 weeks, with outdoor plants ready to harvest in October.


Jack the Ripper Autoflowering6. JACK THE RIPPER AUTOFLOWERING

Jack The Ripper Autoflowering is the auto version of a strain dedicated to the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer. This sativa-dominant lady contains astronomical levels of THC as far as autoflowering strains are concerned, around 17%. The high from these flowers is multifaceted and targets both the body and mind together. The head high is energetic and euphoric, after which a relaxing body stone slowly creeps in. Autoflowering genetics are known to be hardy and durable, having evolved in harsh environmental conditions. Jack The Ripper Autoflowering is particularly resilient and does well within warmer southern climates.

Jack The Ripper Autoflowering is a delightfully easy strain to grow, and as long as you provide adequate water, she’ll pretty much take care of herself. This little rocket will emerge from seed into a fully flowered specimen in only 9–10 weeks. Within this time frame, indoor plants will reach subtle heights of between 60–90cm and put out relatively heavy yields of 300–350g/m². On the other hand, plants cultivated outdoors under the warm rays of the sun will grow to taller heights of 90cm and produce harvests of up to 130g/plant.

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering7. SUPER SILVER HAZE AUTOFLOWERING

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering occupies the upper echelons of performance for an autoflowering strain. Her speedy growth is to be expected, but her potency and yields set her apart from many other autos. Her dark green flowers are almost half-white due to bright calyxes and a thick coating of trichomes. The THC content of these flowers is 17%, enough to satisfy veteran smokers and certainly effective enough to highly impact novices. She’s the sativa-dominant lovechild of parent strains Super Silver Haze, Dutch Amnesia, and ruderalis, bringing a stimulating and mood-elevating high to the table. The effect is reported to be mildly psychedelic, inducing a creative and refreshed perspective.

Super Silver Haze Autoflowering will have fully formed, resinous buds ripe for the picking after as little as 70 days from seed. Indoor plants produce good yields of up to 300g/m² and achieve heights of 80–110cm. Outdoor plants put out yields of 120–170g/plant and grow to taller heights of 150cm.


Amnesia Haze Autoflowering shares similar traits to the XL variety, yet is more favourable to those dealing with more limited garden space—and those in search of faster results. The original strain was skillfully bred with a ruderalis variety, the end result of which catalyses an invigorating sativa high that’s perfect for active days. Whether hiking a mountain, heading to the office, or studying, a few hits of this lady will get you in the mood to grab the day by the horns. Adding to this inspiring high are a plethora of pleasant tastes involving hints of pepper, earth, spice, and sweetness. Her smoke is smooth and infused with a THC content of 17%.

Amnesia Haze Autoflowering is a great entry strain for novice growers seeking an easy option. These hardy genes allow room for error and offer beginners a much easier ride than the original photoperiod strain. Plants cultivated outdoors under the southern sun will reach medium heights and produce average yields of potent flowers. Indoor plants are capable of reaching heights of 1.5m, offering yields of between 350–400g/m². These smelly flowers will be available for harvest and trimming just 10–11 weeks after germination.


The name of this strain might sound hyperbolic to some, but it's an accurate description of the flowers produced by this powerhouse. Her buds are tall, coated in aromatic resin and growing in clusters to form a main protruding cola surrounded by smaller flowers. This indica-dominant strain was born out of a breeding project that matched OG Kush with ruderalis genetics. Loading these buds into a vape or bong will gift users with a smooth and relaxing body stone that provides a heavy wave of relief. This comforting and grounding high brings users into the present moment and puts smiles on faces and red in the eyes. A THC content of 13% ensures a mellow and subtle high that keeps the head clear. Her aromatic buds stink of spice, herbs, and earth. Joints of Big Bud XXL Autoflowering double-up as incense sticks that fill the room with freshness.

Big Bud XXL Autoflowering springs from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks, offering near-instant gratification to growers. Outdoor plants thrive in the heat, soaking up the sun and converting the energy into good yields of large flowers. Outdoor plants top out at heights of 150cm. Plants grown indoors under artificial lights put out yields of 400–450g/m² and grow to heights of up to 110cm.


NYC Diesel is a hybrid strain that descends from Afghani and Mexican landrace genetics. This pedigree and relatively unprocessed strain was just too tempting not to turn it into an autoflowering strain. NYC Diesel Autoflowering harbours a high that is perfect for social situations such as parties and other social gatherings. The sativa effects will get you talking and engaging in philosophical discussions. Blazing up this strain with some buddies before a meal will get you solving problems and generating innovative ideas. The taste is almost fuel-like, yet very pleasant with touches of lemon and bitterness. THC values of 15% hit the sweet spot between subtle and intense.

NYC Diesel Autoflowering handles the heat of the southern sun with impressive ease. She can withstand long days standing in the elements as long as she’s irrigated well. Outdoor plants grow to varying heights of 50–100cm and produce yields of between 75–120g/plant. Plants cultivated indoors grow to heights of between 60–90cm and deliver yields of 300–350g/m². She’ll be ready to harvest 55–65 days after germination.