Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Grow in German Climate

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Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Grow in German Climate

Germany can have harsh climates of cold winters, heavy rain and strong gales, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good grow on the go there. Zambeza have developed many strains that are well suited for northern European climates, we recommend five of our favourites.

Germany is a large and geographically diverse country that sits on the Northern Hemisphere of the planet below the North Sea. Although the climate there is generally quite moderate, with coastal regions averaging around 1.5°C or higher, much of the southern parts of the nation are also marked by continental weather: seasonal variations in temperature characterised by warm summers, cold winters and more difference in temperature between night and day. Southern regions can average around -2°C during the coldest month.

The cold climate tends to be exacerbated in alpine regions where the higher altitudes create a more moisture laden air. To add to this, warm tropical air is often drawn across the Alps which can create strong gales as it passes through the southern slopes of the mountains, especially in autumn and winter. Low-pressure systems from the Atlantic also bring gales, heavy rain, thunderstorms and sometimes snow during autumn and winter, while the summer can often bring about showery or possibly stormy weather.

As such, Germany doesn't possess that ideal tropical climate we'd all love to take advantage of when growing cannabis. However, that doesn't mean that living in Germany should prevent you from enjoying a flourishing grow. A smart move is to choose the correct seeds before you begin and there are many strains of cannabis that have been specifically bred for the purpose of a successful grow in the Northern Hemisphere. We have picked five of our strains that we think are ideal for the continental German climate.


White Widow XL

White Widow XL is an outstandingly reliable strain that has adapted well to European climates over the years. After a long period of commitment to developing this strain, Dutch Breeders released this honoured strain into the wilderness for all enthusiasts to admire as truly flawless. With a strong and uniform growth structure, White Widow XL is capable of aggressive bud production and final yields of up to 600g and a height of 200cm.


This strain is famed for its simplicity throughout its various growing stages. Skunk has been grown in Europe since the 1970s when its parents were brought from the mountains of Afghanistan. She is a reliable and fast growing plant, known to generate up to 650g per plant outdoors or in a greenhouse. Skunk is often rumoured to be the closest thing to a large growing commercial crop grown across the continent, but there is certainly no speculation in that Skunk is a highly productive plant, reaching heights of up to 200cm.


Critical XXL

Critical XXL is a dreamy blend of Skunk and Afghani genetics, two strains very capable of withstanding harsher climates. She grows aggressively and can reach yields of up to 750g outdoors, with heights of up to 230cm. If you love your indica, then you will adore the dense buds created by this plant. It is always recommended to add some support such as netting or stakes to prevent the heavily resin coated flowers from snapping the plant during flowering.


Northern Lights XL

With yields between 550-650g outdoors and an optimum height of 230cm, the "XL" in the name is no joke. That doesn't mean there is any stress required to see results from this plant, the indica-dominant cross between Northern Lights and Afghani known as Northern Lights XL is renowned for being easy to grow. It has a very short flowering time of 60 days maximum, despite its phenomenal bud production of 600g outdoors.


Power Plant XL

This is train is known as Power Plant for its superior yields of up to 600g outdoor within a very short flowering period of around 55 days. Power Plant XL is rumoured to be the choice of large commercial operations throughout the world. We wouldn't be surprised as this is a highly productive plant that doesn't require huge amounts of sunlight to thrive, making it a very efficient choice. An extremely powerful sativa strain that can give you serious results with very little effort.

If you're looking to enjoy an outdoor grow adventure, it might also be worth looking into some other methods of keeping your plants strong and healthy such as super cropping or monster cropping to optimise the efficiency and productive results of your plant. For the more windy areas, it might also be worth looking into some extra protection such as stakes, netting or possibly a greenhouse.