Where Is It Possible To Travel With Medical Cannabis Safely?

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Where Is It Possible To Travel With Medical Cannabis Safely?

Travelling with cannabis isn't an impossible task, but it can still land you in a whole lot of trouble with the authorities. With the prevalence of medicinal cannabis on the rise, more people are wondering how to travel safely with their stash. The answer might not be as simple as you think, but there are some promising options.

Cannabis is a commonplace item among many households around the world. It is increasingly being legalized for medicinal use, but is still extremely difficult to travel with without being stopped and interrogated by the authorities.

For the high-minded traveller, the best advice we could possibly offer at this stage is to avoid bringing cannabis with you across borders. Cannabis tourism has yet to become the booming industry it should be.

Even those living in American states where cannabis is legal cannot legally cross states lines with their stash. In the worst case scenario, it could even land you in jail.


Travelling locally is often a risk for those without a medical card or some other form of explicit permission. In fact, even those with permission may still encounter issues. Because of the smell, it is often easier for one to walk around with cocaine in their pocket without getting noticed than it is cannabis.

Secure packaging can always help to reduce the smell, and cannabis should always be stored in a sealed container in the trunk of the car. There are, however, ways to minimise the scent. If you only carry oils or extracts instead of bud, this is much more discreet to both the eyes and the nose. Always remember that the law may be different in the country you are visiting, so you will need to be concerned about sniffer dogs and border control. But if you wish to go ahead with the task, plan ahead!


In the United States, travelling interstate is classed as “federal property”, which means that you will face charges for a federal offence for pot possession. Never take cannabis with you on an airplane, even when travelling domestically. It is a federal crime and penalties can be harsh even for a first-time offender or a medical user. It is possible to receive a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

State-wide travel is often permitted in states where cannabis reform has taken place, however, this will depend on the type of legislation (recreational or medicinal). As an example, every county in California is required to allow the state minimum for possession. The same rules DO NOT apply in other states.

Some states in the US such as Nevada operate under medical reciprocity. This means that visitors from other states with a valid medical card can also use it in Nevada to make purchases. However, the rules surrounding this are specific and enforced, so do your due diligence.


Cannabis is regarded as a medical grade narcotic by the European Union and is governed by the same laws concerning opioids. It is unlikely that you will face jail time for being caught with a small amount such as a joint, however, medical users should be aware of the local procedures that are used across member states.

There are different rules for those member states who are signatories to the Schengen Agreement and those who are not. Schengen allows medical users of Sativex (cannabis oil spray) and Bedrocan to travel to any other country that signed the Schengen Agreement for up to 90 days. Those detained or harassed while operating under these premises are entitled to compensation.

A medical document written in English is required for those travelling outside Schengen states, and this remains valid for 1 year.

The Schengen states are:

• Belgium
• Luxembourg
• Denmark
• Malta
• Germany
• Netherlands
• Estonia
• Norway
• Finland
• Austria
• France
• Poland
• Greece
• Portugal
• Hungary
• Slovenia
• Iceland
• Slovakia
• Italy
• Spain
• Latvia
• Czech Republic
• Liechtenstein
• Sweden
• Lithuania
• Switzerland

Always check with your doctor and plan for any eventualities when travelling in the Schengen region. Medicinal cannabis groups often share advice in online forums, which can be a useful way to plan your journey.

There are more relaxed laws on cannabis in certain EU countries. In the Netherlands, cannabis can be purchased without a prescription. Furthermore, in Spain, local cannabis clubs provide memberships for long-term visitors and medicinal users.

Where Is It Possible To Travel With Medical Cannabis Safely?


We cannot stress enough that travelling with cannabis should be avoided at all costs if it is possible to do so, as the stigma attached to the issue still exists, even if the laws have relaxed. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are a medicinal user and you absolutely have to travel across state or international lines with your medication, consider oils, tinctures, and other more discreet options.

If truly frustrated about this issue, consider donating your time to a reform group. Cannabis reform is still a “thing”. Your time and energy make a difference.